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Pringles Autocross Corner.
In this thread you'll find my layouts, and some miscallaneous stuff. If you want to host or edit any of these layouts, be my guest. All courses are (hopefully) accompanied by a demonstration run and pictures. Thanks to Bob for merging my old threads

I try to make these in accordance with SCCA SoloII, that's miniumum 15ft gates and 45ft apart. It's not guaranteed though. No double-backing, 180s, 360s, reversing or other complicated maneuvres are required.
Slalom Attack - long version (download): A series of slaloms, with some tight turns at the end.
Shorter version of Slalom Attack (video) (download) : Modified to SCCA SoloII spec and length reduced to about 60 sec / run.
Short Ax Course (video) (download) : First section is quite fast.
CFR East Deland Course, May 2007 (video) (download)
Ohio Valley Region Cooper Stadium (video) (download)
CFR East Coast Event #5 '06 (video) (download) : Wide and easy.
Sacramento Valley Region 2005 - Course 2 (video) (download)
Sacramento Valley Region 2008 - Course 16 (video) (download)
PCA Golden Gate Region - Event #3 2008 (video) (download)
CFR East Coast Event #1 Jan '08 (video) (download)
Autocross Club of Central Oregon Combi1 (video) (download)
PCA-GGR Candlestick Park Autocross #2 (video) (download)
PCA-GGR Candlestick Park Autocross #3 (video) (download)

Memorisation, double-backing, 180s, 360s, handbrake turns probably required. No reversing.

As gymkhana, but reversing is probably required too.
Traction Control (video) (download) : Only one high speed section, really tight turns.
Traction Control 2008 (video) (download) : More high-speed sections in this one.
LX Challenge Course (download) : Based on a video'ed run, real test of handling ability.

Stage Rally
Point-to-point stages, may contain on and off-road sections.
Cadet Stage (download) : Narrow rally stage, both tarmac and off-road.
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looks tough from the pictures cant use my wheel now, so ill try it out tommorow
Ahhhhh with Explorer I cant see the pictures from imageshack.
Yah, it's annoying. I would have attached them to the forum but I can only upload 8 files so the pics, replay and layout didn't all fit

*edit: Kajojek, the pics are now also in the ZIP attached to the original post, if that helps.
Thanks the zip file helped. Nice layout, but it seems hard heh. I will give it a go later.
Update: added a (very) drifty XRG & RB4 set and an RB4 replay for kicks and because it's fun on this layout, and otherwise unmeaninfully yet purposefully bumped my thread
Hi, this is my first ever ax track so please be gentle with the constructive criticism . The track is entitled "Traction Control", and derives from getting good times on this track with accurate throttle control. I have tested it with the XRG and XRT, a demo run with the former is provided and the screenshots are also in the ZIP file.

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions

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Pringles' Slalom Attack (with pics)
Here's a slalom course with slow bits, faster bits and tight bits. I'll probably host it every now and then, when I feel like it. I've driven it without penalties with the FZ5 too, so I know the gates aren't too tight

Imo, good fun with the LXs and RB4. Find a demo run with the latter attached. Try to ignore the shocking image quality of the screenies, I have to have everything off to do only slightly better than a slideshow

edit: ssmod is the shorter SCCA SoloII version
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Pringles' Traction Control 2008
A long, long time ago in a distant past I made 'Traction Control'. I've been thinking of following it up for a while, and the Ken Block gymkhana video pushed me to get on with it. Here is TC2k8 with an RB4 demo run

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Why is everyone triying to be G!nho like?
Get your own ideas!
Quote from Vinnylegends :Why is everyone triying to be G!nho like?

cuz he is just that good

does that answer ur question
Haha yes he is good .
But we got like 30000 Gymkhana layouts if we continue like this
Why not try a skillcrourse?
Quote from Vinnylegends :Haha yes he is good .
But we got like 30000 Gymkhana layouts if we continue like this
Why not try a skillcrourse?

Explain that word
Stunt and fun stuff aren't that much about doing the course in the least amount of time possible, good for shits and giggles but it's not really my thing. To be honest, having posted a proper (as in no insane reverse 180, full-drift stuff where you get lost spec'ing someone) slalom autocross course only days ago (it's still on the first page, btw), being put on a bandwagon is a bit annoying.
30 000 gymkhana layouts? Not yet even a 20...
And by the way the G!NhO's layout isn't too much like gymkhana. 80% of it is faster to drive the regular way, not sideways. Same like Ken Block could do it in the movie much faster, but never mind, it was just for a show etc.
nah, i just happened to be the first one to make a layout like Ken Blocks video.
i dont see a problem in other people making Gymkhana layouts too, its great because i like it!
LX Challenge Course
Basically, this thread is for a replica layout of this course:

I had a go, layout and a test run (took me hours to get a run with no penalties :tilt is attached. I realise the scale and distances between the obstacles aren't amazing, which is why ask You to make your own / edit my version and post it in this thread when you manage to get it more accurate than I did.

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CFR East Coast Event #5 '06
Luxuriously wide, nice easy one for a change. The source's scale was unreadable, so

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Sacramento Valley Region 2005 - Course 2
Two versions:
AU1_svr05-2 is the original version
AU1_svr05-2s has additional cones to discourage driving over the lines

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Pringles Autocross Corner
(43 posts, started )