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PhysX™ Technology - Just an idea...
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Quote from Woz :You have NEVER had to copy files over a lan then rotf.

There are well know and WELL reported issues with Vista file manipulation over a LAN and this has STILL not been resolved in SP1.

How the hell does MS expect companies to move to Vista when it will lock up explorer and climb up its own arse just trying to even look at a LAN based directory with more than a handful of files in it.

Please do not try to make out this issue does not exist. It does and if you want proof fly down to NZ and I will demo it for you or just google a little.

My XP box can read/write to the same LAN dir easy, vista locks the shell but 1 in 20 I might get a dir listing. This is what happens when people think its wise to clean room the Network stack again from scratch. It will take YEARS to get right again as is normal with complex sysstems.

Probably one of the many reasons for Intels COMPLETE rejection of Vista.

Google "vista lan hang" and you over 1 million results, do the same with "vista hand" and its over 5 million. That is a lot of results considering you are telling me Vista is 100% perfect lol.

As I said Vista has serious issues. Your use of LIMITED parts of the OS might not have shown them but do not pretend they are not there limited use? you don't even know what I do for a living so how about we stop assuming things.

I never said Vista didn't have issues, I said I have had 0 issues...I just find it funny how 99% of my customers have no problems with it and always thank me for pushing them to use it over XP. The only ones who have issues are those who are trying to use hardware/software that is older than time and needs to be updated/replaced anyway.

I transfer TONS of data over our network here at our office and have yet to see the network hang issue, I know it exists but I have yet to experience it for myself...and yes, the folders have data in them...most of them have 60GB+ of data in them...none of my friends/family/clients have had a chance to see this issue either...

We even just did a pretty large dentist office that has 4 front desk systems, 4 office systems, 30 opitories, central domain controller and 2 imaging systems...they really wanted Vista even though we recommended against it...they have been operational for a little over 6 months now and have had no issues, I have yet to hear one complaint from them, only praise...their patient and imaging database is over 450GB and gets larger every day...

Like wien said, companies are not rejecting Vista because it 'sucks'...they are rejecting it because there is no benefit of upgrading. It is simple economics...if it ain't broke why fix it? Things do, however, age and become you honestly think everyone is going to use XP till the end of time? I guess we should all still be using NT4...

Again, I never said Vista doesn't have any problems...I said I have had zero issues and 99% of my clients have had zero issues and when they do it is either something they did to break Windows or some kind of hardware/software issue that is unrelated to Vista...
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Quote from Jamesisinthehouse12 :I have heard alot about this... and was starting to wonder weather PhysX could improve Live For Speed a bit more (eg. When you hit a barrier or tyre).
This is just an idea so don't get angry at me for requesting a dum idea

Including PhysX into a racing game would prove to be a challenge I guess the developers of LFS don't have the time to take if they're willing to get into S3 at any time. Neither them nor any other simulation (not only racing here, but also submarine/fly simulation) have shown any interest on this technology, and that might be because it's focused much more on adding detail/candy to RPG's and FPS's than in any other kind of game.

PhysX = -1

Trying to add any other Dx version than the one currently on would be a huge effort resource and time wise for a result so small 99% of people would not notice. Direct3D 8 wasn't bad at all, proved to be real stable and didn't need harsh requirements like new OS's. If anything, it was under-used and thought it wasn't capable of much, which seeing what LFS shows, it seems it's not quite right to say.

Switching to another Dx routine = -1

You lot should remember that the key of LFS's success is not the screenshots you're able to take out of the graphics, it's not top notch technology, but it's the accessibility to those with not so new computers (not hardcore gamers, but rather race/drive/drift fans) and the realistic feel of the physics.

There's no reason to make such huge changes at those basic points as long as the developer team stays on such low numbers. Let's be realistic, there is lots of things yet to be done and improved that will make the game much better, but not only because of it's looks, but of it's feel.

We just need to be patient enough.
My guess is, that theres still alot of lower end computers playing LFS, and they don't want to rush into the graphics yet for another year or two... We'll see.

PhysX™ Technology - Just an idea...
(53 posts, started )