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Track Maps
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Track Maps
Got bored this morning and decided to make a (hopefully) useful sheet of all the track maps. I would've made them higher res but my monitor restricts me.

These could be used for league posters, websites or even skins. Use them as you wish.

They are transparent .png files and for those that want to create their own versions of the maps, I have added a Photoshop .psd with all the paths used to create them.

Hope these will be useful for someone.


If you find any errors, please let me know and I will fix them.
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Your download has failed. There were no available download servers. I always get this
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Ty m8.
Thank you for them , useful things in promoting and skinning
#5 - Danas
I dont get the part in rapidshare where you have to enter 4 letters with a . What the hell does that mean? Ive been thinking for a while now
Find the cats that look similar and type the letters that they are on.
upload them to most reliable one i use.

Quick and free
#8 - Bean0
Thanks Bean0!
If you hadn't seen my skin on CLC already beef, the maps are great for fun stuff like that

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First post edited.

The originally posted maps have been replaced with higher res remade track maps.

I got shouted at for not using pen tool first time round, so after learning how to use it, I remade them all today.

Have fun.
Nice job beefy

Track Maps
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