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union jack skin FO8
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Union Jack Fo8 Skin
looking for some one to make a union jack skin for F08
pls make sure the flag covers the whole car with united kingdom on sides thanx in black or supprise me with a good looking union jack skin
well once again took me 5 mins this time to get this union jack one sorted

as its saturday and ive just finished work im feeling nice for some reason so done that one first

sorry dude who wanted the RB4 its on its way !!

hope you like it dude
(needs uploading to lfs world)


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Aaron, I'm not going to be nasty but you really need to think twice about skinning.

Think about how the skin wraps around the car, and then think why I think that skin is terrible.

Get yourself some Pro-kits so you can pretty much see what joins up with what on each section of car.

THIS first post regarding the Prokits should help you out too. And if you're not sure about something, ask on here or on Master Skinnerz.

Apologies if you deem this as nasty, just trying to help a follow skinner out.
Thanks for your comment,

however he wanted a union jack to cover the WHOLE car, so thats what i delievered.
Thats a Union Jack covering the whole skin file, not the car.

Look at THIS skin made by greboth, that's roughly how it should look. Notice it's not just a flag slapped on top of the skin file.
yes i can see how you mean now,

that was my second attempt at a skin for a F08

my other skins are better, trust

if he likes it then let him be happy
I won't burst your bubble but the Arsenal skin was a bit tatty too.

Atleast you're not giving up. You got potential, just stick at it and you'll get better.
if you read both comments from me, they both say 5 mins spent on this or 10 mins spent on this

UKMANUK is happy thas all that matters

union jack skin FO8
(8 posts, started )