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Radio Control Helicopters
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#1 - JeffR
Radio Control Helicopters
One of my favorite radio control aerobatic helicopter videos. The action starts 25 seconds into the video. If you've never seen an aerobatic RC heli in action, it is pretty impressive.

RC helis can reverse the pitch on the main rotor, which pushes the air upwards instead downwards, which allows them to fly inverted.
You've already posted this. I have the video already saved on my desktop from quite some time ago. Why posting again in a new thread?

Is that your video? You seem to have posted it in just about every forum under the sun according to google.
#3 - JeffR
Not my video, just one of my favorites, and a bit better than the typical you tube quality. I've been looking for a higher res version posted soon after the video was released, but haven't been able to find it and was hoping that someone would mention in response to my posting of the smaller video I've been linking to. The last time I posted about the heli here was in a assists thread here and I thought it deserved it's own thread, since it's really off topic and not related to LFS assists. The reason I recalled this video is because of a recent thread at I'm mostly active in the general physics, classical physics, and programming sections there.

There are quite a few videos in the forum at:

Personally I don't own a RC helicopter, but may get one someday, especially since it's about $200(USA) for a ready to fly electic semi-areobatic (they can fly inverted) rc helicopter. I fly radio control gliders. I do have 2 electic motorized models, but I quit flying those.
wow that is impressive. I used to race rc cars at national level but that is in a different league.
my dad has about 3 or 4 remote control helicopters and waaaaaaay to many remote control aeroplanes. very hard to fly. lol.

Radio Control Helicopters
(5 posts, started )