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Unlocks - Please Help a Man In Need
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Unlocks - Please Help a Man In Need
First of all ill introduce myself,

Hi im phil, 24 and a bit of a racing fanatic,

im going to say now, yes i did use the search function and i have read the terms and conditions (so please dont hurt me too much)

Onwards to the Meat of my post.....

I had a lovley virus on my machine, i managed to run a restore of an earlier date, but my lfs installation was buggered, i reinstalled, then after reinstalling, STUPIDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i decided to unlock, then i had to download Patch X, Then Y... Plus i had already used an unlock earlier when i updated to Y, So as you can see, being a new racer, and not really concentrating on what i was doing i just unlocked before updating, now i am a sorry man..

Tomorrow (christmas) woohoo... i have a G25 under the tree waiting for me, and i really would like to have the experience of LFS to go with my new wheel.

On another begging front the Missus would wish for you to help me out or it means i have got to go pester her all night instead of playing on puter, or if i cant get playing she might rope me into washing up or hoovering, GOD FORBID!!

So please see my dilema and grant me another unlock

Merry Christmas Eve All

Im Out
#2 - joen
Yeah, have already sent an e-mail, i suppose i am trying in vain to get an unlock in the nicest possible way, but also with some urgency becuase i dont wanna have to just sit here and look at my wheel tomorrow

So Here Goes

To : Gods @ Lfs

Please grant me an unlock for christmas so a man can play with his G25



Not bad for second post eh?
"Online at: [LTC] Live To Cruise 2" looks like it worked

Unlocks - Please Help a Man In Need
(4 posts, started )