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Hint what? I don't think I need to 'hint' anything, because anything i'd ever be close to 'hinting' about is rather obvious anyway.

Sorry for jumping on the bandwagon, but I was pointing out which you seem to be oblivious to and I love it how I have the same opinion as Gunn and many others about disliking those who ask for a setup during a race, yet you only seem to pick up on one person.

Btw, no matter if Gunn was a dev or a demo racer, if he had the same opinion and you reacted in the way you did it would not change a thing. Clearly though you are only giving him the reaction because he is a moderator.

Also, I dind't call you a tosser, I only said you looked like one with the replys you gave, however I think that actually calling you a tosser is still quite suitable.
I Think this has totally outlived its purpose and will now close it.
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What is it with people who wont send setups
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