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Tyre and wheel sizes?
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Tyre and wheel sizes?
I was looking for this but did not find anything, so excuse me if there is a thread on this already. Does anyone know the sizes of wheels and tyres of the cars in LFS? I am particulally interested in those of the FZ50 but all of them would be nice to know.
I don't know where that info came originally, but Bob Smith's Gear Ratio Calculator has it.
RAF outputs.
I did all the cars a while ago after Bob told me where to find the's what I got:

UF1000: 160/50 R12
XF GTi: 185/50 R15
XR GT: 185/55 R16 front, 220/50 R16 rear.
XR GT Turbo: 225/45 R17 front, 245/40 R17 rear
RB4 GT: 215/40 R17
FXO Turbo: 240/35 R17
LX 4: 195/60 R13 front, 215/55 R13 rear
LX 6: 205/50 R15 front, 245/40 R15 rear
RaceAbout: 205/45 R17 front, 225/45 R17 rear
FZ50: 235/40 R18 front, 295/30 R18 rear
MRT5: 165/55 R13
XF GTR: 215/35 R16
UF GTR: 215/45 R11
Formula XR: 225/50 R13 front, 285/45 R13 rear
Formula V8: 275/55 R13 front, 390/40 R13 rear
FXO GTR: 335/35 R18
XR GTR: 335/30 R19 front, 335/35 R18 rear
FZ50 GTR: 300/35 R18 front, 370/30 R18 rear

Sizes are given as width/profile and rim diameter in millimetres percent of section and inches respectively.
Everything but fbm....the only one I need
Quote from fastboi :Everything but fbm....the only one I need

New update (0.6v) now shows every car's wheel sizes in the tyres section of the setup.
Jesus you just revived a thread older than most fortnite players
How do you even find these old threads?

Tyre and wheel sizes?
(9 posts, started )