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Auto update & Vista
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Auto update & Vista
Hello all,

Thanks for the new patch Scavier.

But I have a problem with the auto update feature in game on my Vista.
LFS download the patch, but after that, the patch are not run because Vista want to have administrator rights, but the patch doesn't ask that.

For update your LFS, you must to go in your LFS folder and run manually "LFS_PATCH_W_TO_X.exe" and to answer "yes" at the question for administrator rights.

This is a "bug" on auto update feature of LFS or on Vista ?

PS : I hope you understand my english.
I'm runing on Vista too and everything was more than perfect .
You have to right click and select "Run As Administrator" and all works as it should. It's a 'safety' feature of Vista.

The autoupdate doesn't seem to work for me either on Vista, it says "cannot save."
I know why too, Vista doesn't allow extractions in the Program Files section of its hard drive, I've been putting up with that the past few days while sending myself all my files etc. and Vista just plain doesn't allow extractable files in the Program File section.
Vistake makes more problems then bringing more usability....sad
Well the problem with Vista is is that it doesn't really know its user. For children this is a good feature. When you know what you're doing, its not such a good feature at all.

Really I just need to figure out how to get Patch X from somewhere else, or if I have to move it out of the Programs Files .. file.
Once I found out how to disable the 'security feature' which kept prompting me if I really wanted to create/save/run that file/folder/program, Vista has never given me any more problems.
The auto-update worked fine here with no prompts or problems from the o.s.
Either way this is something that should be fixed with LFS, because a lot more people are getting Vista based systems these days, and there isn't much you can do unless you know what you're doing, and that doesn't matter, we have to assume no one knows how to install XP on a Vista system.

All Scawen has to do is program LFS so that if you have Vista, it will download it onto the desktop, and use the directory LFS is running from to install itself. Sounds simple enough? I hope, because this is something that has to be done.
Start>Control Panel>Security>Check Security Status>User account control.
Turn it off and all those irritating vista features disappear, you will be left with a great looking o/s without the nanny control.
There is nothing for me to turn it off.
It says it is on, but there is no setting I can choose, I've set permission to full on everything so I know I have permission, it just has nothing to change there.

You can't really change anything in Security Status, it just reports status, but if you have it off, then there is a setting somewhere to change it, but I want this to be put on LFS's side because not everyone will know how/want to do this with their most likely new system.

LFS needs to work perfectly on Vista sometime, and that process has already started, no reason to stop now.
Just go to Help, and type in "Turn off user account control", then follow the instructions
LFS works perfectly on Vista.
Ahah, you go to user accounds and turn it off there, thanks for the help Al.
(this still shouldn't be bypassed by LFS though, there are some fathers here that I'm sure don't want to turn that off)
No, my children have their own account with all full security enabled. I, as the admin, have password access that cannot be revealed to them even under extreme tickling. I turn off the user account control for my login as it annoys the hell out of me. But leaving it on for the kids login means they cannot create or delete stuff by accident (or on purpose) or run any software not previously sanctioned by me. MwuhHAhAHHAH! The power, the power.......
Quote from al heeley : MwuhHAhAHHAH! The power, the power.......

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The first time I tried to patch it threw an error that the patch exe couldn't be run. The second time it actually popped the UAC confirmation window, I said "YEAH I KNOW *click*" and it worked. I can't remember why I actually turned that UAC balogna back on at some point, but it sure is annoying!
#15 - hda
UAC is the most annoying "feature" of Vista and it has been disabled since I installed vista in my everyday computer
LFS must be run with UAC at ON.

But, thing really crazy !!! When I rename "LFS_PATCH_W_TO_X.exe" to "LFS_W_TO_Y.exe" (for example), the "administrator rights'" icon disappear and we can run the patch without "administrator rights'" question !
I's probably because the name include "PATCH" that the "administrator rights" is asked !
And that work so with "SETUP".

Auto update & Vista
(16 posts, started )