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Kyoto Banger Oval (2 versions)
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Kyoto Banger Oval (2 versions)
After seeing this thread, I decided to make a 32 car banger oval. I made 2 versions of it for preference purposes. The start and entrance to the banger section is a lot different then most banger ovals so it might be interesting to watch them rush into it. Here are some pics of the start and entrance: and

The difference between the 2 versions of the oval is quite simple. Version 1 has a wall on the back stretch with entrances in case you fly out. Version 2 has no wall on the back stretch so you cant fly out and to save some FPS.

Creators: PMD and Ice (Jimmy_Lemon)

Hope you have fun on it and leave some feedback of what you think of it. Here are some more pics:

Version 1

Version 2

Layouts 1 and 2
KY1R_Banger Oval V1.lyt
KY1R_Banger Oval V2.lyt

Attached images
Banger Oval Entrance to oval.jpg
Banger Oval The start.jpg
Banger Oval V1.jpg
Banger Oval V1 - 2.jpg
Banger Oval V2.jpg
Banger Oval V2 - 2.jpg
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KY1R_Banger Oval V1.lyt - 1.7 KB - 366 views
KY1R_Banger Oval V2.lyt - 1.6 KB - 311 views
(pmd told me to post this, so iv posted his Exact words)

"like pmd said hope this will help, well ah i dno, what ever just dont put anything stupid"
Oh thanks for the support lemon .

gonna try it out soon
come to W40 patch server om using this layout
looks a right laugh !

Kyoto Banger Oval (2 versions)
(6 posts, started )