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Just Another Day
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Just Another Day
I liked it and your skin is pretty cool
#3 - stuey
A great video. Some solid driving in the video.
Nice powersliding in some corners with great passing.
Nice racing... nice video
Nice video full of tight racing! I especially like the part with real-life-looking backward view of the onboard camera It is always a pleaure to watch drivers who can both push their car to the limits and race clean
What is the music used? quite a nice track. 8/10 Overall
thanks for the comments

music is Astrada - Just Another Day
Nice work Jens! I like your skin too, especially the taste of it. The video sure featured some pwnage passes although the camera at ~1:26 was a bit weird.
#9 - Drigy
Good job

I believe that, if you can drive without collision one next to each other, it shows that you are a real quality driver.

Jens is the one

Just Another Day
(9 posts, started )