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3 monitors for LFS?
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well i get ut2k4 to crash when i try to stretch it across all 3 screens in the same place. so it's probably windows that doesn't like it. though with it playing in all 3 screens it does run pretty smooth so if i could get it to work it would be nice.
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got my last monitor today

It is nothing short of awesome!!!!!!

7800gs OCed to 566 MHz / 2.89 GHz

3 LG L1932 19" LCDs

Its great for cad and 2d stuff too Im already spoiled after 1 day
oooohhhhh nice
not sure if you guys already seen this BUT I use a projector onto my
livingroom wall. Now a projector of the sort i got only costs about £500-600.
Im getting a screensize of 12x8 ft. Its only 800x600 BUT from about 14ft away i cant see the pixels. Heres sum pics. All you need is a big flat wall u can paint. I find the whole experience amazing. Now there is an issue with bulbs costing about £150 each but Ive had about 6-8 hours a night for about a year but still have half my lap hous left (i use the projector on low light mode to double the length of the lamp life) so i reakon i still got anoth 6 months of use before bulb replacement time.

Just a thought - Peace

thats cool, what FOV do u use??

I want one for christmas!
I have been overlooking the possibility of a projector, but for a number of reasons I did not get one.

1)The detailing is not as good and clear as on a TFT/LCD monitor(s).
2)The best playing would be done in a dark room.
3)Bulb replacing/spare wall.
4)For £150 per bulb you could get a 19" monitor.
er - not sure on FOV > about 90 ish i think. The pics are from before i got the propper widescreen resolution going. It looks alot better now.

The pic can be abit blury BUT from this distance its not that noticable.

Think about it, 12x8 ft widescreen. For the price its unbeatable, they dont make tvs that big (probably). DVDs look nice on it Everything is now (almost Lifesize). And dont even ask about the p**n

Also £150 for 18 months at 6-8 hours every night isnt that bad.

You can still watch stuff in the daytime if you want, because it has an
ultrabright mode thingy BUT that decreases lamp time alot. Hope that helps.

3 monitors for LFS?
(131 posts, started )