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Race Green Westhill Tourist Trophy 2024 - information and discussions

Race Green Events will keep the relativelly new tradition alive - few weeks after the demanding car race on roads of Westhill also a bike competition will be held. Even if the attendance and especially the effort of riders last year was rather dissapointing (only 4 finished the distance,few others attempted),we're gonna try once again. Especially because the bike control has been updated since then and now - handling of the 2 wheel vehicles have been made somewhat more user friendly.

Format and track of this competition has not been changed compared to last year - still the same Westschleifenring,the simplified version of the annual car endurance race venue and still 2 laps ride around it to have a distance of 21.83 kilometers,which last year was completed in 9 and a half minutes. The organization has selected 26 bikes from various ages and bike types,removing full spec racing machines from selection and sorting out low quality or unrealistic performance mods. Again - despite the performance differences between these machines,all what will matter will be the skill of a rider - slower machine will be earlier in finish without falls than faster one which spends a lot of time getting up from falls.

To help out riders to finish their runs,we will offer once again insim help - an application that will put your fallen bike back to wheels without repairing damage and if needed - also turn the bike 90°. This is to ensure realistic possibility of real bike riding - poeple can back on bike after simple falls and continue the run despite some bruises. Still it is highly suggested to everyone willing to participate to join the event server before actual event and have some practice,set up the bike[s] and get to know the track!

Sunday,16th June
16:30 UTC / 18:30 CET - start of 3 hours open track time trial mode
19:30 UTC / 21:30 CET - end of session,no new runs can be started,all riders on track can still finish their runs
* the shown CET time is current (summer) time - if not residing in CET time zone,always refer to UTC for correct time zone convertion!

Guidelines during the event:
* Server will be password protected and password will be posted in this thread. No signups required.
* Riders will be allowed to start their runs with approx. 30 seconds gap.
* At the start of the session all riders will be called out in connections order,after the order has been complete,riders have to request a run by clicking on host's name (Race Green Events) in connections list and type "requesting a run". Riders will be queued in requests order and administration will allow them to join track,riders will have approx. 10 seconds time to join. Run request will be ignored if rider is still on track.
* There is no limit how many runs a rider can take,however it can be limited by amount of other participants and their run requests.
* In case of a fall,riders can put up the bike on wheels with command ";flip" (semicole+flip),there will be 2 seconds delay between command has been typed and executed. An additional command ";turn" (semicole+turn) will turn the bike 90° to the left direction. Note that commands are available only when the bike is stationary!
* There are no restrictions in bike or it's setup usage,however slick tyres are strongly suggested. In final results rider will be scored with best time of the session and the bike the time was set with.
* It is expected riders are familiar with the track and the bike they have selected,make sure you have at least some practice before the event.
* As per standard LFS rules,touching movable objects will add 2 seconds penalty,false start - 30 seconds penalty. These penalties will have affect the result of the run.

* In case a faster rider has cought a slower one,the slower rider has to act similary as under blue flag - rider may not block an overtaking attempt,while faster rider has to pass in safe manner.
* It is forbidden to change name during event - participants should select their name (the one you usually use and wish to be identified with) before start of the event.
* Absolutelly no stopping on track - if for some reason a rider cannot continue his run,spectate and request a new run when it's possible again.

Other info:
*Event server - server is online,is set in practice mode with pratice layout (no time trial start) and has an Airio for laptime tracking (due hexadecimal code,most mods laptimes cannot be shown on simple !top table). Airio can spectate connections with very high and unstable ping for safety reasons (stable connections even from Australia should not be affected). Server will be open for public use until event day. For private practice feel free to use the attached layout. Server link (click2join): Race Green Events
*Event will be held using the latest version of LFS - 0.7E12.
*All information here can be changed,if so,notification will be posted about changes.
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Server is now password protected!
Server name: Race Green Events (click to join)
Password: OneWheelDrive

The helping app is also activated,use these commands if required:
;flip - put your bike back on it's wheels
;turn - turn your bike 90° leftwards (in case stuck against wall)
(Standard vehicle reset will be deactivated 1h before start of the event)
Finished runs will already count. Time will be extended once possible to start new runs!
Unofficial results

Download zip with MPRs here - 4 parts because of you know what. Official full results estimated to be posted towards end of next week.
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Official results

3rd running of this event attracted much more riders than previous one - a total of 15 were able to finish the course at least once,putting their names in the results,few more attempted but failed to finish. A total of 32 attempts were completed during the 3 hours of partially interrupted event time,7 of those were done by most experienced rider while 7 riders finished just a single attempt. The inbetween improved bike physics helped with stability and speed - this year the 2-lap course was finished 50 seconds faster with average speed of 151 km/h,which is 13 km/h more than last year. In fact a total of 4 riders were quicker than last year's best result with 5th one coming quite close.

The winner's name is no surprise - it's still the same lithuanian Simox,who's topping all bike competitions he attends,also here he was the only to beat 9 minutes mark and that by almost 20 seconds. Unlike last year,Simox focused on riding only a single bike model,setting time in 6 of his 7 attempts faster than everyone else's try. Rest of the podium was taken by winner's teammates - all 3 riders from the Squid team finished in top3 of event results,Philippines rider Red was 2nd best with 20.84 seconds gap to winner in his debuth in the event,beating his british teammate Yung by 8 seconds.

Top4 times were set by currently the fastest road going bike Chimera,2nd best was Reaper,which put Clas in 5th place in overall results,3rd fastest was Vulcan,which best time was set by Unite,who later switched to Chimera. A total of 6 different bikes were used during the event,interestingly each of them having a different rider to set the fastest time of it.

Since this edition is considered as success as the attendance increased a lot compared to last year,there should not be doubts about 4th running next year - again same time (estimated 3-4 weeks after cars race),same place. What's unsure is if there will be any changes to track,however bike lineup should stay same as this year plus new mods if they're eligible for event format and fullfill basic quality standards.

Race Green Events thanks all riders for participation and guys behind the scenes for their input and efforts - voluntary testers and modders. As always everyone is welcome to share their experience from the event,either in form of text,pictures or videos! Also (even if that rarely happens) - we're awaiting winner's speach!
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