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Detect&Monitor not working after LFS update
I'm stupid so all I can do is follow instructions from the readme file. After copying some lines to LFS cfg text file, it says to launch LFS, type in "/insim 29999" then run detect&monitor.exe and it all worked before this latest update. After the update, I get the "NameError: name 'exit' is not defined". The message I get in LFS says: "insim-TCP: Detect&Monitor". I tried reinstalling LFS and D&M and it worked again until I went online and it asked me to update LFS (I couldn't join any server), then after the update the same thing all over again.

Anyone knows how to make D&M work with the new update or suggest an alternative tool that works with this latest update? I mostly just want the radar, although I'd also like all the other widgets too.
#2 - Kova.

Every new Patch or test Patch, you will need to wait for Detect&Monitor to be updated.
Not quite.

Lazy is unsupported by its dev since 7A, so if there's a version for a later game version it is because somebody went into the code without their permission (since it's closed source) and poked around.