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When/if we get a track editor
So as previously discussed, many of us have talked about track editing and asked the devs for this program, however, how would the features of this program be optimized?

1. Surface paint, to be able to paint different surfaces (eg. gravel, grass, dirt, snow)

2. as previously discussed and shown, buildings and trees, the ones that have already been designed and placed on most of the tracks which really adds life to these tracks

3. be able to change the angle of surfaces in a smooth way, instead of having to try and crowd flat surfaces at different angles to provide a smooth change. In a way that kind of makes it seem elastic

4. How would the AIs be able to race on these tracks? Somehow be able to determine boundaries of the track, and create a racing line for them (could be done by just doing laps or AI generating if the boundaries are well determined)

Thank you Smile
I think that if we keep talking more about track editor, it may just become real Smile

Jokes aside, there are many many things to consider, as here sky is the limit or in other words, it's Pandora's box regarding the possibilities. We do not want devs to suffer, we have to take it slowly if we wish these ideas to even be considered.
The radio silence to the track editor/layout editor suggestions is unreal :lol:
By taking it slow I mean that we only restrict for now to updates of layout editor, but baby steps first. Those 3-4 new objects first, then if they get implemented we go on from there - slowly.
Quote from MicroSpecV :The radio silence to the track editor/layout editor suggestions is unreal :lol:

One could hope that there is some serious thought given to it and that there are discussions behind the scenes on how they wish to proceed. What we can do is to share our collective resources to discuss options, brainstorm ideas, practice patience, and keep ourself entertained in the meantime. Hug