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Turkish server testing
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Turkish server testing
Hello Turkish Hosters.

I am running tests to try to work out reasons for connectivity issues with the Turkish server.

I am talking about a problem that has nothing to do with DDoS attacks. It is about jerky, intermittent connections when there is no apparent DDoS attack going on.

As a test, I have temporarily closed the hosts that had no players on them. I closed 11 hosts. You are free to restart them if you want, but if you don't need your host for now, you may wish to leave it OFF and I will restart it later.

The idea is to see if the number of hosts is causing any problems, although it should not, as the CPU, memory and bandwidth of an empty host is very small. But I am trying to eliminate issues before we ask the server providers.

So, if your host disappears and reappears, it's not a bug, it's me testing. Sorry for the disruption but I am trying to help.

EDIT: This is not helped by the fact that DDoS attacks on the Turkish server are ongoing today at various times. If the attacker would kindly stop that would be much appreciated. I am trying to help Turkish people and it would be fantastic if you would stop attacking, so we can try to make a good fun game for everyone to play. It's best to try and have a good time in life, and help others to do that whem possible. Thumbs up Smile
I've restarted the hosts that were stopped. In my test server I didn't notice any difference when the other hosts were stopped.

My ping number (in 'N' list of connections) sits stable for a while then goes red and up to 2, 3, 4, 5, seconds before recovering. This seems to happen every minute, it's not a rare event.

After looking for quite some time, I can't see any explanation for this so we will ask the providers if they have any ideas.
Thanks developer team.
Thanks. I hope this problem will be resolved as soon as possible.
Thank you for the work you do to make Turkish servers better.
Thank you scawen. We want to enjoy the multiplayer mode.
Thank you Scawen, we will enjoy the games more on Turkish servers from now on.
Thank you for considering the Turkish community.
I had to restart the server again this afternoon for some tests.

To those who were online at the time, sorry for the disruption.

I hope the provider will make some sense out of the test results.
Quote from Scawen :

The idea is to see if the number of hosts is causing any problems, although it should not, as the CPU, memory and bandwidth of an empty host is very small. But I am trying to eliminate issues before we ask the server providers.

I have a friend who understands these issues. He said the problem had nothing to do with bandwidth.

He said it was caused by the host.

He said that they should make agreements with quality companies such as natro from Turkey.

He also said that EU-AU-BR servers are connected to style duplicate addresses.

If there is a cost, a server will be rented from a location close to Turkey and Türkiye can be listed under the location name.

If we get 20ms, we can get 50ms in Turkey, in the new location.

I hope there is another solution.

I have no knowledge on these matters. I am passing on my friend's advice to you.

The Turkish server has been restarted by our provider after they made some adjustments.

We hope the connection will be improved but we will see about that.

EDIT: Hosts that were running before the restart have been restarted.

I recommend host version E12.
Quote from Scawen :

We hope the connection will be improved but we will see about that.

The results are fine. Thanks. If we encounter a problem again, I will let you know here or via your e-mail address.
Connection problems started again last night and are still ongoing now.

There is an abnormal MS problem. The server just crashed. The server appears open on the website, but we cannot connect in the game. @scawen
You don't need this "@scawen".

1) I am not the 'server guy'
2) There is no notification by @name system on tthis forum.

All you achieve by writing @scawen is to annoy me, and make me less willing to help you.

Please, in future, let us know the problem and one of us will have a look to see if we can help. Do not try to suggest which one of us should stop our development to come and help you.
This time, I will answer you, but in future I will ignore any posts that have my name in it. I am not the server guy and I have work to do, that I can never do this year, because the whole year I am dealing with website and server troubles, that were never my job.


There was a DDoS attack this morning, between around 10:10 and 10:20 UTC. It was ongoing while you wrote your post above.

I can see no problems with the server last night, from looking at our graphs.

Adam, there is a problem with your post. It is no information to me, to say that connection problems started and there was a crash.

You need to describe, step by step, what symptoms you experienced. Don't try to theorise what the problem is. There are attacks and there have been server problems. Just describe what happens and let one of us try to figure out what is actually going wrong.

If you can describe what symptoms you experienced, and what UTC time that occurred then we can try to relate your experience with what we see on our activity graphs.
There was an MS problem last night but I did not receive a video recording. So I have no proof of this

This morning I learned from GHOST SLAYER that the problems persist. This was evident from the Lapper crashes. But he turned off the lapper and restarted it without asking me.

I was actually going to check the lapper when I discovered the connection issues. But since it rebooted there is no data.

I see that I contacted ghost slayer at 12:33 Türkiye time. This means that the problem occurred during this time period.

I have a video recording while having a connection problem with the server.

There doesn't seem to be a problem right now.

I added a picture showing the lapper crashing while shooting the video (TR 13:16).

Finally, I'm sorry for mentioning you by tagging @scawen.


Thanks for the information.

I would like to correct your terminology. This is not a 'crash'.
It looks to me like:
1) Something (maybe an attack, maybe an internet issue) caused Lapper to disconnect.
2) After that it was unable to connect.

As a programmer, the word "crash" means something quite specific, and this is not it. So let's just say "lost connection" or "failed to connect" then it will be easier to communicate.

I have no information about last night. I don't see any evidence of an attack. Maybe there were internet troubles, at the data centre or something, I don't know. Although the Turkish server is running a lot better, it may still be possible to improve it and we are asking our provider about that.

About today, there were attacks. This is something completely different. Someone wants to stop Turkish people playing LFS, or maybe it's just your server, I don't know. Vandalism and attacks are not something I can understand or explain as I am not that type of person.
I have no knowledge on the subject and I will only offer a suggestion based on what I have read. It is up to you whether you do it or not. If users could open their own servers from their own hosts, everyone's ping or connection problems would be related to themselves and server flows would be more comfortable, just like we open our own user systems on our own hosts. So how will this be related to the pricing part? I have the following idea: Among the server files, a verification code can be sent to the user by when the server is started, and this code only works when used on the registered hosting server, just like in the user system. In short, a person can purchase an API for the server and this API can be used as a key in the server files. To make it more secure, the verification code may be included as I mentioned above. Good luck in your development process. Or, to solve the problem better, it would be better for everyone to use only the "NL" host and other locations are a waste of time for you.
Thanks for the suggestion but:

1) If we release the host code in any way, the well-known pirates will soon get their hands on it, start their own master server and our sales will drop back near zero, and we will have to seek alternative employment and LFS development will stop.

2) It is no use to all use the Netherlands servers because:
a) Bad ping all around the world.
b) Today the NL servers have been attacked successfully too.

I have some ideas that may reduce the effect of these attacks. LFS development is paused again while I work on the updates.
Quote from Androphp :I have no knowledge on the subject and I will only offer a suggestion based on...

Servers are on a controlled location
LFS uses registered usernames for demo and licensed environment
as soon as a client goes online it needs to announce its IP address to this registration system
this should unlock the hardware or software firewall for this specific IP address on the online sim environment(s)
this IP address cannot be refreshed/updated on this registration system within interval X
Hello. Is there maintenance work on Turkish servers? Servers are down. The same thing happened yesterday. We had to restart the server manually.
No, there is no maintenance work today.

Yesterday there were DDoS attacks. I can't see evidence of that at the time you restarted your host today.

But "servers are down" is not a good description. I do not know what symptoms you experienced.
Suddenly all Turkish servers were shut down.(TR 15:35) Slowly, within 5 minutes some servers were reopened (in the server list on the website).
I waited thinking it was maintenance work. I saw on the website that our server was stopped. I pressed the start button and we logged into the server.

I did not restart the server myself.
Hello I just want to offer an idea

Unfortunately, our society does this type of hacking attacks to prove themselves and they declare themselves as hackers Smile

My idea is this;
Wouldn't it work if we took the IP addresses of users using the Live For Speed ​​client and programmed the server hosts to only accept connections from these IP addresses?

It must probably be a difficult job, I just wanted to express my opinion.

Good work Scawen
No, that is not a good way to do defense from ddos, Here's why:

How will you be able to tell if a lfs user is not the attacker? What about new users and who decides if a new user IP wil be allowed? What about if someone doesn't have a static IP address, which is the case for most of us? Having to keep adding IP's to some text file and maintain it, is a nightmare job.

Turkish server testing
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