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Why is my axis not working? It was working yesterday
Why is my axis not working? It was working yesterday
you'll have to be more specific than that Looking (what device? what lfs version? did anything change prior to axis becoming "not working", in terms of other devices? when you try moving the axes, can you see the device axes moving in the Windows control panel? can you see them moving in-LFS: Options/Controls/Axes? if yes to both, are they still assigned to the function on the left? which function? can you even see the device name in the top right in-LFS: Options/Controls?)

Something clearly happened on your side (e.g. PC or your local install of LFS), since no remote side can affect these things, and things like this just don't happen miraculously Smile
Maybe your axis is broken?

There is no way we can answer such a general question. Please provide all the details that Mandula mentioned.
it works now and sometimes it doesn't work
I see, that sounds most like a hardware problem if I had to guess with this tiny amount of information you give us. Is it so hard to answer all the questions from Mandula?

If this axis is on some joystick/gamepad/wheel that has a potentiometer (pot), it may be that the wires got damaged or even a pot got worn out or dirty and there is not good electrical contact. Open it and have a look if something seems fishy. Resolder all loose wires and spray some WD40 in the pot to clean it.
i have Log923 and i muss having Ghub run with. correct drivers .
I have similar problem with H-shifter... Restarting PC helps and even sometimes launching different game (Assetto for example) and then launching LFS fixes it for some reason.
#8 - gu3st
disable gameinput runtime service