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AI get stuck when exiting final pit stop boxes on Blackwood RallyCross Reverse
If you're having an AI-driver driving on Blackwood RallyCross Reverse (BL3R), they will face issues when leaving last or second (and maybe even third) last pit stop box at the pitlane. Issue is that they can't exit that pitlane after making that pit stop from those pit stop boxes! Instead they drive straight to that solid barrier in front of them and get stuck there.

It doesn't matter what cars they are using. This happens on all type of cars; cars which already did have that AI path generated, other standard LFS cars and modded LFS cars!

Even if AI is exiting third to last pit stop box, it may get stuck. There is a possibility it crashes to that barrier at pit exit, but can reverse and then exit that pitlane.

This doesn't happen at all if AI's are just leaving pit lane. So if you start qualifying, this won't happen.

If you want to reproduce this bug, best way to test is this:
1) Add 4 AI drivers, doesn't matter what cars they're using
2) Set race length to 2 laps and enable mandatory pit stop
3) They make that pit stop on lap 1. Then you can see that 2 or 3 of them get stuck when trying to exit the pit lane area!

I've attached a SPR about this where 4 AIs are driving standard RallyCross-cars. I haven't seen this kind of bug with AIs on other tracks.
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07E_BL3R_AI_PitStopExit_Bug.spr - 1.3 MB - 30 views