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Nico Rosberg helmet
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Nico Rosberg helmet
Higher resolution pictures would be easier to skin, there is nothing exploitable here
ok i'll see what i can find...the side one is ok tho yeah?
couldn't find many rear and top of helmet shots,but this was the best i could find hope it helps,it's this years helmet not the blue one but either way i would be happy. ... sberg/f1-replica-1-2.html

its a interesting site, pic this you can get right in close to look at the detail.just move you mouse over the pic of the helmet and it auto zoom in on that area, plus there are some side,front and back shots aswell.
ok just found some good shots from the 2008 year helmet
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nico top.jpg
anyone please
#7 - kiste
hmm i started one months ago but didn´t finished because i was bored of it. not sure i hav that much time to make it ready.
if you do, it would be much appricated kiste my attempt my useless to say the least
lol sorry just playing silly bugger.just wanted to give it a bump back up the top
could someone at least fix my poor attempt at this helmet
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I like it!
yeah but the lines dont match when in the game, and my lack of skill the only way i can fix it is to do it again.
use the wire mesh.
i'll give it ago
Nico rosberg helmet 2016 Mercedes
Can someone create me a helmet of nico rosberg 2016 in mercedes?

Nico Rosberg helmet
(17 posts, started )