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#1 - Rubie
Vehicle mod: EM30
Details page:

Quote :Old German Car

Quote :I optimized body mesh with 3DS MAX's Pro Optimizer, used %45
Interior taken from XR and i work on it for fit to EM30.

Tubes by E U R O B E A T

Hi, i love this project, is it possible to implement knobbly tyres?
#3 - Rubie
Quote from NENE87 :Hi, i love this project, is it possible to implement knobbly tyres?

I'm thinking about rally version of this car and yes you can use knobbly tires
Just a Small Thing wrong here,German Plates arent Yellow ;D
#5 - Kova.
Outside wise it looks neat, and driving wise it's very good.

But please, tell me the inside is WIP and will be changed?
Yay!!! The first E 30 Big grin
I am so going to test this one out tonight!

Thank you very much Rubie
Freakin awesome. Everything is tops unless maybe the XRG interiour, but seriously I don't care. I just happy the physics seem spot on after first testing. Did you go for the IRL trailing arm rear suspension?

EDIT: Whoopsie, sorry for double posting
i loved this project, the quality is very good, thank you very much
Hi! i loved this proyect, and i made an skin for it!, but it says:
"The filename of your skin does not start with an existing vehicle mod prefix." but the first name i putted its "EM30", do you have any idea?
Thanks dude!
its my first skin, so, i hope you'll like it! it is already avaliable Smile
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Will it be back online soon?
Good job Thanks!
Car will be featured on february 19th on 22.15 CET

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