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ZFRL Test Event
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ZFRL Test Event
ZFRL Test Event
Monday 30.10.2023 18:15 UTC

What: A one-off event hosted by Zafiralis, to get ourselves familiar with organizing events.
When: Monday 30th of October, qualifying will start at around 18:15 UTC
Where: Rockingham National at our server ZFRL•Events

Hello everyone! We would like to invite you to participate in a test event hosted by us. The event will consist of a 30 minute open qualifying and a 33 lap race that will last around 45 minutes. We will be using the Cinque Centurion mod at the Rockingham National configuration (RO2). Attention! The mod is still very much work in progress, but it will be operational for at least a week before the race.
For event related discussions and up-to date announcements please join our Discord channel.

We will use the Rules of Clean Racing with the following clarifications and additions:
O-1: substantial overlap = front axle must be at least half-way alongside
O-2: a cars witdth of space on raceable surface is considered enough
L-3: lapping car has to make an overtaking move, lapped car may not defend in any way
P-2: no more than 2 wheels allowed to cross the pit exit line

Track limits are defined by raceable surfaces that include everything except grass, dirt and walls. At least 2 wheels must be on a raceable surface at all times.

Any incident reports should be posted in this thread or in our discord server. The deadline for reports is 24 hours after the race start.

Our links:
Zafiralis Discord channel
Instagram @zafiralisgg
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The Cinque Centurion mod is now updated to the version that will be used in the race. There is still plenty of time to practise before next monday!
As we are new to hosting events, we forgot to take into account the change from summer time.
The qualifying starting time in the info poster is wrong, correct time will be +1 hour.
Correct time is as shown in the Leagues section and upcoming events panel on LFS main menu.

Apologies for the confusion.

Correct schedule:
30 min Qualifying from 18:15 UTC
33 lap race start at 19:00 UTC
Unofficial results:



If you would like to report an incident, you can post it either here or on our discord server.
Deadline for reports is 19:00 UTC tonight.

Stay tuned for official results and race report.
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The results posted above are deemed official

The first ever event hosted by Zafiralis was held on monday the 30th of October and oh boy what a race it was!

Despite some technical difficulties (which were expected to occur, as this was a test event) we had plenty of racers ready to take on the challenge provided by this highly modified classic Italian compact car combined with the very bumpy track of Rockingham National.
In qualifying we had a total of 14 drivers who posted a laptime and we even had some curious spectators joining us. Antonio was the fastest by over eight tenths, followed by uNite and Texas. Several drives however decided not to take part in the race, some due to conflicting schedules and others maybe because the car was quite a handful to drive.

The race went on with 8 drivers taking the grid, Texas sitting on pole with Thehemuli beside him on the front row. Texas got off to a good start and was leading comfortably until lap 11 where he went off in the last turn, losing his lead to Thehemuli and now having RD2 right up his rear bumper. The trio of cars were closely togehter for the rest of the race, with Texas regaining the lead on lap 28 after a nice move in the long left hander. He then seemed to pull away towards an easy victory until disaster struck on the final lap. The polesitter had miscalculated his fuel and ran out of juice on the middle sector, leaving him stranded. This meant the win was going to be fought between Thehemuli and RD2 who were closely together. RD2 made a heroic lunge up the inside into the final corner of the race and made it stick, pulling away to take the first ever win in a Zafiralis hosted event by only eight hundreds of a second over Thehemuli. Podium was completed by the creator of this awesome car Motimoukari who had been playing cat and mouse with MadJester throughout the race. MadJester and T. Soini completed the top 5, and his close rival for most of the race distance, Donald finished 6th ahead of unlucky Texas who was the last to finish after receiving a tow.

Full race statistics here

Zafiralis event crew wants to thank everybody who took their time to participate and/or spectate in our first ever event. We would like to hear your feedback on the event, so we have prepared a short form for you to fill if you want: ZFRL Test Event feedback. You can also post your feedback either here on this thread, or into our discord server.

With the help of your feedback we can try to improve the user experience of our upcoming events. Stay tuned, we might have some big announcements in the near future Wink

Our links:
Zafiralis Discord channel
Instagram @zafiralisgg
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ZFRL Test Event
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