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Editormans Insim - Layout editor helper tool

I am working on an app that add some advanced and helpful features to LFS poor editor.

You can try this tool, guide is inside zip package.

- in-place replacing slab for ramp or wedge or vice versa
- moving object along its rotated axis
- quick block rotation by 90 or 180 degrees
- shifting/rotating entire layout as a whole to any direction/angle
- spawning compositions saved as LYT files anywhere on map

Any feedback is welcomed.

Hope it is useful.
Cheers, Vritrasura

Latest version: v0.2
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Is there a limit on how many objects can be dealt with at once?

LFS currently has a limit of 30 for grouping together.
Quote from sinanju :LFS currently has a limit of 30 for grouping together.

60 since one of the more recent patches.
No, my tool has no limit, you are only limited by maximum count of objects in total, which is 2400.
If the composition has more than 30 objects, my tool just sends more messages.

However it can only spawn the composition. Once spawned it can no more move it. (Well I could maybe add this feature)

However there is "Undo" button, so you can despawn the composition, then adjust the coordinate or heading and spawn it again, untill you satisfied.

The position can also be "clicked", so that already gives good precision.
If you press o-key while no block selected, then LFS send the position under mouse cursor to my app and the offset X Y Z fields are updated. That way you can pre-click where you want to spawn the composition... If wrong, you just hit "Undo", click elsewhere and spawn again
nice insim Big grin