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Speaking of nostalgia, I did a small review of my '10 years in LFS' about a year ago: ... 00/posts/4999071990117482

Had a great time going through all the stuff I've experienced in that time, so many great memories, friendships, battles, championships,... I don't regret a single second spent here Smile
- Cityliga and getting my only podium there by finishing 4th
- Pickup racing actually existing
- TC's christmas events with GT4 Tube's crazy layouts
- Getting sent a decent BL1 FBM set and immediately shaving a second off my PB
- MTDZX Flatout
I have mostly Czech LFS league memories, where qualifying into the top division was huge achievement for me early on.
Czech LFS meetings, karting, prizegiving, very good times (2006-2009).
One prizegiving was in summer, during rally event, at campfire.
Teambattle, the most intense league (with friendly rivalry within CZ/SK community) i ever drove and which our Czech e-racing team won.

Later, as i learned more and more English (yes, i perfected my EN language in this here community) LFSCART, KY 250/500, some endu races, of which the best was 2nd place in 16h at AS4 with RB4 in TBO class. Participation in 24h with XFusion/nFinity was also wonderful experience.

Even later LFS became on and off for me since around 2012, when i got accepted to college and i never fully came back, but the occasional fun is still there. Stewarding, organising, admining, even commentary (thanks to SBTV). Crashmas and Soccar Cup standing the at highest spots.

Also 2021 RTFR, where i got fully invested into it and tried my best to finish as high as possible, which paid off with top10 overall i think.

It's not as good as the first years in CZ/SK community, but it's still good enough to keep coming back. Smile
every sunday racing fragmaster's oval the BF1 at the Kyoto Oval never got old. miss those days
CTRA (and the server that came after that was a similar style, I can never remember the name) and just having more racers online at any given time in general. The pickup racing was always the big selling point of the game
Theres literally so many good/not so good memories that ill keep forever. People that gave me knowledge and insights, loads of hours talking and laughing about online racing, real life racing and all the other relevant topics. Some of those people i had the pleasure to get to meet eventually, some are still too far out of reach, sadly some arent among us anymore.
This community gave me all of that, so it will always remain a sweetspot in my heart.

On topic tho, a few of "those":
19th dec 06 - the first S2 online appearance credit due to Easy_Mike / Cawwa
Joining team XFR/nFusion/nFinity ( Wave Kid222 )
the scipy phenomenon
switching from mouse control to wheel (for a short stint pedals/mouse steering)
Getting the almighty red momo and G25 (at the time) credit due to Cawwa
last but not least, missing Tomek.
Copa Workmotor with an overheating i3 notebook, mouse steering and 20 laps... poor arm, but it was nice, got 3rd place in one of the races in kyoto long if I remember correctly and also a championship with a 15% restriction on xf gtr, tuff stuff, good old times, there was a lot of brazilians playing, I guess that was gridbr the name of the group, perhaps there's some giys around here that remember.