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LFS website slow
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#1 - Pasci
LFS website slow

The LFS website/forum is very sluggish today. Other sites load quickly as usual. Can anyone else confirm this or is it just me? Technical issues or some "script kiddies" attacks the servers?

But that has nothing to do with the adjustments in the current test patch, right?
I can confirm - had to post something,which included opening other pages for links,sometimes took 10+ seconds to load a page.
Was wondering why,thought it's just some temporary hickup.
#3 - Pasci
Quote from Eclipsed :
Was wondering why,thought it's just some temporary hickup.

I hope - We will see.
seems to work fine now

edit: this took about 25 seconds from hitting submit to actually posting
#5 - Pasci
In the meantime websites are fast again. But yes, changing/saving something (change hosting or posting comments in forum) is still slow.
#6 - Pasci
** Best answer **
It looks like the problem has been fixed or went away on its own.
We did find a few problems - probably the main culprit was a long running process that may have had a tiny memory leak, causing a problem after a long period of time.

Let's see how it goes now.
I also noticed being (still) slow. Each page load takes somewhere between 2-10 seconds here, the same as submitting content.
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LFS website slow
(8 posts, started )