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LFS Leagues Section broken sign-up system
Hey there,

Whilst planning ahead for the UF1000 Cup's 2nd season, I decided to opt for the on-site signup system from the leagues section, however, it appears to not work and to be having more than 1 issue.

For example, when selecting team sizes of minimum 1 and maximum 5 it does not allow to signup with just 1 entry and states all other entries (2nd to 5th) are also mandatory?

Besides that it gives an error stating my license status is not valid as the league requires a S2 license??? Hello I am S3 for years? Big grin

Can you please have a look into this? Thank you! Big grin

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Yet to be solved, I figure the recently implemented system to make sure a demo user can't signup to a licensed league/event was made primitive so that an S3 also can't sign to an S2 league, but I guess we won't know till you respond. ^^
Thanks.... I'll have to use no sign-up required now.

LFS Leagues Section broken sign-up system
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