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requesting cruise/drift InSim.
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requesting cruise/drift InSim.
I'm in need of a Cruise/Drift InSim. I can pay $20 to your cashapp or paypal once it's finished.

I want it to have the following features.
  • money for distance driven.
  • money for drifting points
  • distance tracker
  • drifting points tracker
  • banking system
  • police system
  • Tow system
  • Job system
  • Bus/taxi system
I plan to switch tracks once a week so it should work on all tracks except for Autocross.

I have no experience when it comes to coding a InSim.
Multiply the amount of money by about 100x and you'll maybe get someone to do it. What you are asking takes a lot of time to program.

requesting cruise/drift InSim.
(2 posts, started )