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Bug? Something to do about vehicle editor and servers.
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Bug? Something to do about vehicle editor and servers.
I actually found something, i was trying some engine editing on LFS Editor.
And tested in online servers, and works, i'm going to update an MPR just to prove my point, and hope something could be done about that.

And i realized that when you edit the mods archives, it does update live, at the same moment.
That can be considered as an bug abuse by a lot of servers, and also, that can make a mess in races in a lot of ways.

That being said, as an example: One extra gear, better gear scale, and shorter gear ratio, making people upshift and hit that good spot on the powerbank, making people faster than they should.

How does it work?
-Go to LFS/data/mods/(Any mod) > Copy only veh.

-Go to lfs editor, paste it into data/veh

-Go back to LFS/data/mods (Overwrite archive and name), DONE.

Edits you can do that doesnt hit the servers trigger, detecting tweaks and etc.

Amount of gears on the specific vehicle: -If your car has only 3 gears, you can set it via LFS Editor to 4 gears, and get in track, pits and else with no troube, lfs server wont detect it, works like bypass) For some reason, lfs "anti-cheat" isnt detecting or reading amount of gears on vehicles.

On the mpr i sent, just watch carefuly and you will be able to see, car just went from 4th gear, which is the stock one from the mod, also an approved mod, so nothing wrong on that, works with ANY mod in question, and just simply gone to a 5th gear car. From all sudden just by few seconds, it could be easily done.

Im sorry for not having a proper video from my pc, but i hope you that is reading there get the idea, but, there's the mpr anyway, feel free to watch and understand.
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I am getting OOS - CAR error

Bug? Something to do about vehicle editor and servers.
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