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Borislav Botev has completed his probationary period without additional action being required, so his probation has been allowed to expire, and with it, his suspended exclusion from NDR events.
Sean Lee (microspecv) has been excluded from all NDR events for 12 months, effective immediately. His conduct in the MRc E-Challenge Round 1 and MRc BF1 League Round 4 was referred by the stewards of those meetings to the NDR Board of Directors, who came to the conclusion that Lee has violated the same rules that he was placed on probation for following the GT2 Challenge 2021 Round 6.

Mr. Lee is hereby immediately excluded from participating in all NDR events for a period of 12 months. The remainder of the probationary period will be served at the conclusion of the exclusion, and extended to 6 months total.

This does not impact his ability to request our sanctioning of the Layout Racing League, but would prohibit him taking part as a racer.
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