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FORM07 - Little RR racing cars
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glad you like the skins, thanks for your work on this mod Thumbs up
New version updated:
Gutholz skin has been added! tnx mate!!!
Differential settings has been locked to open diff only (as it was in first release).
Suspension bug fixed
few more setup fixes and tweaks.

Base setup is not great, so much room for improvement with setup tweaks.
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I don`t know if the model is like this, or is intentional, but I see a little asymmetry or missalingment in the way rear bumbper is attached to body
Hey, tnx for your work! Smile
Tried it a little bit, very fun to drive. Only problem that I've found is that clutch gets overheated very quickly. I don't know if it's my lack of talent or is there a way to go around this issue?
The last LFS patch has a "viewer" mode in garage.
It has buttons to switch detail levels.
I noticed your mod has something strange happening to the textures at LOD 2. All the top textures (roof, hood) get flipped.
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FORM07 - Little RR racing cars
(55 posts, started )