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Currently working on a car called Cavallo 570s from the open source game Speed Dreams.
They have a bunch of models distributed under Free Art License.

Thanks to -verde- for creating a LFS thread about the models!

This will be based on specs from the Ferrari 575 GTC.

#2 - BeNoM
Looks awesome, excited for this one!
One problem I'm having is getting the headlights to turn on.

Is it not possible to duplicate the l_head texture and have it work to turn on both lights? The top l_head is for the outer light and the bottom l_head is for the inner light. Inner lights are not turning on.

yes, thats what i faced too.. two or more things can't share same of the special mappings for lights.. maybe try to make the lights on 1 object. something like the fz5 lights
^ fz5 lights are 2d

both need to be in the same l_head for them to work together. had a similar problem with double front lights yesterday evening, it seemed easier to make 2 separate l_head mappings, but it didn't work like i expected it to. Big grin

i fixed it by mapping them both into same l_head and making a new texture for them to still cover both lights. after all the mapping screenshots work with those too, not just skins Tongue

it's not bad progress so far, mesh looks a bit awkward around the light but it could be worse. hope it doesn't handle too much like an XRR Wink might have a fitting skin for this, as i based it on this but it depends on how much different the skinfile looks compared to FZR Big grin
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Uploaded the mod! Now we wait for the approval. Here's the template and wireframe.

Plus some included skins that came with the model.
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Hi there, it seems like there is an issue with a shadow, only wheels cast a shadow while body of the car doesnt.
I have fixed that issue now, turns out I forgot the LOD2
Ohh, you touch my heart. One of my favorite cars of the best Open Source racing game Speed Dreams. Let's try it!!!

Can you bring us more SD cars to LFS?
Very pleasant car to drive Smile
Awesome Mod!
Cavallo 570S en Kyoto Ring GP Long (Linux/Wine):

I can say that this is for me the best mod I tried for LFS. Thanks a lot for this great work!!!
#13 - w126
Quote from leillo1975 :Cavallo 570S en Kyoto Ring GP Long (Linux/Wine)

Nice to see someone using LFS on Linux. Do you use LFS on Wine with DXVK?

For me it stopped working correctly with standard Wine (stable, 6.0.2) during current test patches (probably with the changes to car shaders). It works with Proton (Steam), though. I haven't tried standard Wine with DXVK applied manually yet.
Banger mod as always dude Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
I eventually have plans to make the interior better....probably will just take the dash from an LFS car and make some changes to it who knows
Quote from PopnLochNessMonster :I eventually have plans to make the interior better....probably will just take the dash from an LFS car and make some changes to it who knows

Might be nitpicking in visuals, but I was just about to ask for more edges/nodes for the side mirror (subdivide the edges a bit more), as it looks very bad visually, compared to how the car looks for the outside (which by the way looks great). Any progress on the interior update? Smile

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