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Fanatec DD CSL
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#1 - miata
Fanatec DD CSL
The release of the new Fanatec DD wheel has made me think of upgrading from my current Logitech G27

Now I only play LFS. I read previously LFS did not work that well with direct drive wheels or at least didn't use them to their full potential due to the current state of LFS FFB? Or was that improved in 0.6V?

Does anyone have experience with DD wheels and LFS and do you think its worth the upgrade? I could go to a belt driven wheel but with the price of the new DD CSL (5NM) being what it is it seems like a no brainer.
LFS has an updated resolution of FFB that will use the full potential of direct input API. Any FFB wheel will benefit from that, especially DD.

There is just one slight downside with LFS. For some DIY wheels, LFS is only sending a one-sided FFB, but this problem should not occur with Fanatec wheels - I hope.
I am unable to connect both the wheel and the pedals. Only one or the other is selectable. I have Fanatec CSL DD and pedal set.

Anyone have a solution for having two inputs?

I have looked at the manual, didn't see anything there.

Thank you.
Don't select either device in the list. You can still assign the axes, and both are then usable at the same time.
Thank you sir.
after many years I am back in LFS to have some fun. Now I use the Fanatec CSL DD (5Nm) and Loadcell Brake. I think the FFB is not so good in LFS. Maybe I use wrong settings. Anyone here who can help me setting up the wheel in the right way?

best regards from germany - Stephan
#7 - gu3st
The "not good" is probably more down to other sims adding artifical forces which "feel good" but aren't particularly realistic. LFS, along with iRacing and recently RaceRoom, only use the true forces that would come through the steering wheel.

There are some settings to change that can more correctly match what a DD wheel is capable of, specifically with FF Steps and FF Rate under the Axes/FF menu in Control settings. Maxing those out on a DD should be ideal as the DD is capable of replicating those forces.
Okay, I will try it. Maybe I'm in clipping. I use 20-50% ffb strength. I check my settings and try to change my wheel settings too. At the moment wheel centering is too strong and curb effects are too weak. Feel of loosing grip is not really present. Same problem has my buddy rocket455man with t300rs. We come from acc/ac/ams2/rf2/raceroom to have some fun here in this wonderful old racingsim.
Try turning down the FFB in the game settings and turning it up in the drivers.

I'm using a CSL DD and have the FFB strength at 100% in the drivers, but have it set to 20 in-game.

Also make sure to max out the steps and rate.
Thanks, now I have the Boost Kit. FFB is now much better. I think it was only the feeling in direct comparison with AMS2. This new titles have much more effects. But now I'm fine with LFS FFB!

Fanatec DD CSL
(10 posts, started )