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Have been busy on a AU1 track called Lepotuoli (YouTube). Finished the anticlockwise version, and was about to start on the clockwise version, when I thought I'd do something bit different.

Haven't properly named this track. Just gave it the name of the car I drove first full timed lap, along with the time I managed.

Full layout ...

Start and sector 1, along with confirmation of my time ...

Used same XFG set as I used for my AU1 ArmcoRoute layout.

For the pedantic amongst you, I could have called it BL2Y_XFG_2.41 and a half, or BL2Y_XFG_sub_2.42, but, as you can see, I didn't. Gives you something to aim for.
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BL2Y_XFG_2.42_Full Route.png
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BL2Y_XFG_2.42.lyt - 11.3 KB - 34 views
BL2Y XFG 2.42 and a bit more
Fiddled about with the layout a bit adding an extra section at the start - see image (inside circle).

Moved the checkpoints a bit due to the extra distance - by guesswork rather than by measurement of any type.

First one to manage a penalty free circuit of the layout, post a copy of your laptime, e.g.

and I'll change the layout name accordingly Nod

Good luck Thumbs up

Bass-Driver has completed a lap, so gets layout named after him and his time Thumbs up
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BL2Y_XFG_2.42 extra section.png
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BL2Y_XFG_Bass-Driver 2.27.lyt - 13.6 KB - 15 views
My first run.

Your layouts are so smooth, and well designed.
Kudo's for that.
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2:27!!! Cool

I done a lap on extended circuit, and got ...

I recorded the lap I did (see attached) as I wanted to see where I'd placed the checkpoints, and change them, as I prefer dividing the track into close on 4 equal sectors in time, rather than distance.

Noticed during replay that some of the red posts I used in the offroad section were hovering in mid-air. Remedied that. Hopefully I got them all.

Anyway, much impressed with your time, and I've deleted the old layout and replaced with slightly amended (track exactly same) layout.
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[^r^l]Sinanju_BL2Y_XFG_FINISHED.spr - 172.5 KB - 8 views
Quote from sinanju :First one to manage a penalty free circuit of the layout, post a copy of your laptime, e.g.

would this have counted? Big grin

I really liked the flow of the stage, was very fun to try out with various cars, it's worth saving Big grin
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S1DUS^auNite_BL2Y_BF1_FINISHED.spr - 119.9 KB - 18 views
Some nice controlled drifting of a BF1!
And a full lap using only 3 gears.
Your time would have counted; if only you'd been quicker. At loading a lap anyway!
Actually, was thinking yesterday that it would have been funny if someone had done a lap, and it had been slower than mine.
Glad you liked it.

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