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Sad news - Fordman
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Sad news - Fordman
Some of the longer-time LFS users will remember Shaun Clarke, aka Fordman.
Sadly, last week he passed away due to cancer.

As well as founding Triple7Racing he ran various championships, but more recently was known for some well recieved mods for Assetto Corsa.

I met him a few times at LFS meets, and more recently he popped over to my work to offer networking advice during an upgrade.

Rest in peace Shaun.
Never know him or meet him, but this is sad news indeed Frown
My condolences to family and friends. Sad to see another LFS racer pass away.
Bit at a loss for word here.

This is surely a sad day for everyone that knew him personally. I fondly remember those meetings (LFS and T7R) and the fun, laughs and beers we shared, as well as the long chats we had via MSN.

I'm glad to got to know him and call him my team mate @T7R and also friend.

You will be missed Shaun / Fordie.
#5 - P1lot
This is shocking and sad.
In the first few days of racing online with LFS (2003), Fordman took me 'under his wing' and gave me tuition to improve. At that point I was a stranger to him, but he did this to others as well. Ended up being in a few teams with him and he was always the ideas man, pushing the boundries.
Met up a few times for very enjoyable events. Pity that real life has meant we have drifted apart in the last decade.
Rest in peace.
When i noticed the post on racedepartment i thought of sharing it here but it's better that someone who knew him better made the thread.

My condolences to the family, T7R, and friends. I really enjoyed, and still enjoy the BTCC mod you guys made for AC.
Shocked at this sad news, I knew Shaun through online racing and chatting, met him and some of my other Triple 7 Racing teammates at his house many years ago. Shaun was a nice guy and even though like P1lot above we hadn't spoken much lately, he will be sadly missed.
Shocking... Very sad news thoughts for his family.
Lost a good colleague from work few days ago because of a dirty cancer aswell...shitty period...
Very sad news indeed Frown

My condolences for family & friends.
Although many years ago, I can remember him being a fair and fast racer. My condolances.
Only know him from his forum posts, but his voice was always one of fairness and reason... Frown

He will be missed!

My condolences to friends and family! May he rest in peace!
Very sad news, always remember him to be a classy guy along with everyone else in T7R.

Rest in Peace.
Blimey Frown

I hadn't seen or spoken to Shaun for many years, but it's still very sad to read.

RIP Fordie.
That is very sad news. It's always sad to hear an LFS racer has passed away but it is a stronger feeling when you have met them. Shaun was a very active member of the community and I remember meeting him at the LFS kart meeting in 2005. He was a positive and friendly person.
Rip Shaun.
My feelings to all friends and teammates.
I was very sad about the news
rest in peace champion Frown
Oh, that's sad... Thanks for letting us know. RIP Fordie...
My condolences Frown
RIP Fordman. He was such a genuine guy. One of the most friendly racers I met when I first joined the LFS community.
Thanks for posting, Tristan, sad indeed.
Rip, damn that's sad.
Man, that is such sad news. RIP Shaun.
Damn, cancer, I was wondering what it was Frown Been a few years since I had direct contact with him over some AC mod work, but he was a familiar face and name that's been around since I joined here a long time ago.
My condolences to friends and family.
#25 - Gunn
Sad news. He was a great benefit to LFS and our community.

Sad news - Fordman
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