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Website eSkateBuddy is an Electric Skateboarding Blog
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Website eSkateBuddy is an Electric Skateboarding Blog
eSkateBuddy is an Electric Skateboarding blog that shows several things you will need, including:
  • The current trends
    Tips and tricks
    Buying guides
    General tutorials
    Vital accessories
The articles will update and teach the public community about the increasing popularity of electric boards and assist you in making the best decision possible before purchasing.

Who Is The Founder Of eSkateBuddy?

On September 19, 2019, Dario Yore established eSkateBuddy. He is the author of all of eSkateBuddy's blog posts.

Dario grew up in a home where skateboarding was a way of life for his siblings and parents, and he quickly acquired a love for this sport. He began learning this game when he was a small child.

Dario is also fascinated by technology, the environment, and speed. They came together to create eSkateBuddy.

Dario enjoys riding his electric board around the neighborhood, disassembling devices to learn how they function, and accumulating and evaluating products.

When he discovers something novel and intriguing, he wants to share and show it to the rest of the world. That is why eSkateBuddy exists nowadays!

What Are The eSskateBuddy's Mission And Vision?

If it is your first visit to our website, you probably wonder about our mission and vision. Don't wait any longer. Scroll down to discover details!

What is the mission of eSkateBuddy? In general, our mission is to provide you with answers to your electric skateboard-related questions.

In particular, we perform a wide range of tasks, such as:
Test, evaluate, and review devices
If you've just gotten into the sport, you're sure to have many questions to answer about your gear.
You may wonder how the parts function or how to do to assemble them. We are here to answer all your headaches.
Research trends
According to the State of Skate, Generation Z isn't loyal to any particular brand or activity.
That's why we are here to update the latest products or brands.

Create buyer's guides on a variety of issues

There are so many products and brands, so beginners can be confused when choosing a skateboard for the first time.

Our mission is to provide and suggest buying guides for them to buy the board that best suits their needs and preferences.

Get our readers to stay updated with the newest industry developments

The world is constantly changing day by day, and this sport is no exception. Therefore, it is essential to update the news every day!

Go through the regulations for skating this kind of board in society

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There are many beginner or amateur players who do not understand skateboarding regulations. Therefore, they may inadvertently break them.

We provide a complete set of rules for all skaters to grasp and follow.
What's more, we also pledge to increase market transparency.

As a result, while purchasing micromobility items such as electric skateboards, purchasers will realize what they should check for and avoid.

So, what is the vision of eSkateBuddy?

Electric skateboarding will be among the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation in urban locations in the future.

After this trend, we educate customers and ideally lead the micro-mobility business by providing instructional information and recommendations on eSkateBuddy.

What Are the eSkateBuddy' achievements?

Luckily, our pieces drew a significant number of visitors' attention from the start.
We are proud to be one of the famous websites in the skateboarding community, providing helpful information for skaters.

Currently, our blog receives targeted traffic, and hundreds of keywords appear in the top Google ranking.
This good news serves as a fantastic source of inspiration for our organization to keep creating excellent and valuable information for everyone.

What will you get at eSkateBuddy?

Everyone, from beginners to advanced skaters, will have the chance to explore the realm of electric skateboards.

If you stick with us, you'll have the opportunity to revive and refresh yourself daily.
Will you consider opening the entrance to the whole world of skateboarding and technologies if eSkateBuddy provides the key?

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Do you a skateboarding lover? Do you want to devote yourself to your community and eSkateBuddy?

We constantly appreciate your suggestions for making eSkateBuddy stronger. So, what can you do?
All you need to do is share your opinions, experience, or recommendations in the comment box right below this article.

Please let us know what you're looking for, what topics you'd want us to cover, or what we can do to improve the readers' experience on the website.
Don't hesitate any longer! It's eventually the time to unlock the door and see what is on the other side!

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 952-495-2386

Address: 121 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, United States.
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Website eSkateBuddy is an Electric Skateboarding Blog
(2 posts, started )