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GT2 Challenge 2021: Announcement
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GT2 Challenge 2021: Announcement

GT2 Challenge 2021 - Announcement

Hello racers!

We are pleased to bring you the return of the GT2 Challenge!

The series will continue to use GT2-restricted GTR cars, this time with a full six-round season. We are keeping the 230km race distance formula, which provided some great racing last season.

The schedule:
10th January: Kyoto National (KY2)
24th January: Rockingham International - bypassing the oval chicane (RO7X)
7th February: South City Long (SO4)
21st February: Blackwood Grand Prix (BL1)
7th March: Fern Bay Classic (FE2X_F25)
21st March: Aston Grand Touring (AS6)
4th April: 6 Hours of Westhill International (WE2) - Non-Championship Event

Pit stops will continue to be optional in the race - can you make your tyres and fuel last, or do you take it cautious and pit?

On 4th April 2021, we will run a six-hour Endurance race, external to the championship. Separate entries, full details towards the end of the regular season.

Restrictions remain as 21% for the FZR, 24% for the FXR, and 25% for the XRR.
Still thinking about joining the 2021 GT2 Challenge? Experience thrilling racing, professional commentary and nail biting strategies. Relive the moment in Season 2020 here :

Why wait? Newcomers, veterans, you name it - Join now, we'll be waiting Na-na

GT2 Challenge 2021: Announcement
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