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Spinoff : InSim IS_OBH / Object Hit packets
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You are too late
Quote from Tavo.p :You are too late

Or you are reading the history of the thread not properly enough. Wink
Quote from Scawen :
I'm wondering if it is reasonable to stop reporting collisions with unmovable layout objects now.

Can be, it actually would improve the situation as it was always confusing on South City layouts.

But what if it gets removed but it can be replaced by ... Lets say.. Invisible movable layout objects, so sections can be marked to the own desire of the layout creator / InSim manager?

Would probably lead to the request of a higher amount of maximum layout objects but that has always been the case anyhow.
Maybe a flag to disable/enable it on InSim?
I've not used OBH with non-movable objects in all my insim adventures, but if they were removed I imagine I could achieve the same results with some strategically-placed movables and/or co-ords from an MCI.
Thanks for the feedback!

I decided to keep it after hearing that it is in use. I did copy, paste and simplify of the code that deals with recent impacts (the code that tries to reduce one collision event that happens over several physics frames, into a single output and avoids packet spam if there are multiple contacts with the same object in a short time). The newly added system is actually simpler (internally) because it is only concerned with local cars vs unmovable objects. It did no harm to add a few functions that work with the new style of unmovable objects.

Quote from :Can be, it actually would improve the situation as it was always confusing on South City layouts.

In theory it should be easy to avoid any confusion by filtering on one bit in the OBHFlags field of the IS_OBH packet. The OBH_CAN_MOVE bit is set on all movable objects.

I think there are only 3 cases reported:

Movable, layout object - OBH_CAN_MOVE and OBH_LAYOUT are set
Movable, non-layout object - OBH_CAN_MOVE is set / OBH_LAYOUT *not* set
Unmovable, layout object (as discussed here) - OBH_CAN_MOVE is *not* set / OBH_LAYOUT is set

Unmovable, non-layout objects were always excluded because there were problems e.g. packet spam when a single seater car went around a corner with the new 3D kerb objects and a part of the body was scraping those objects.

Spinoff : InSim IS_OBH / Object Hit packets
(31 posts, started )