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LRL Round 6 Details - Monaco / 25th July 2020
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LRL Round 6 Details - Monaco / 25th July 2020

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If you are unable to view the event poster above, here are the event details :

The principality welcomes back Layout Racing League as drivers attempt to win the alluring Monaco crown! Giving us a breath-taking maiden event in 2019, won by [TC-R] Pete, who will come out victorious this year? Partake in one of the most exciting races of the year around the fast, flowing corners of Mini-Monaco!

Round 6 - Mini Monaco (BL2X Blackwood)

25th July 2020, Saturday
Free Practise - 14:45 UTC
Event Qualifying - 15:15 UTC
Event Race - 15:50 UTC

Event Format :
20 Minute Qualifying
5 Minute Break
10 Minute Driver's Briefing, Q&A
33 Lap Race, 1 compulsory Pitstop

Car Class
: UFBR (UFR 45% Engine Restriction)

Points for race : (P1) 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 (P10)
1 point for Fastest Lap
Server link - Layout Racing League
Server Password: lay0uts
Season Calendar

See you on the track!
Race day - today, 25th July, Saturday! Just a few hours till we roll at Layout Racing League server. Qualifying begins 1515 UTC!
Qualifying is only minutes away - Practice session is now underway at layout Racing League server.
Thank you all for participating in the 2nd running of the Monaco GP!
A fun, yet comical race as always around the streets, we will look into running a car different from UFBR next time - or, better yet, give your feedback on the event!

Was it run well, were the Safety Cars timely, and would the UF1 (ran in Season 1) be a better option moving forward?

Once again, hope you enjoyed the event and see you next time for Round 7!
8 August 2020 RB4
I would prefer having it UFB. More fun and more racing friendly. Just a bit more dangerous, but its kind off the part of it, monaco being dangerous, same as in real life. Make mistake, and pay for it.
UFB is good car here, UF1 is bit boring.. Nothing wrong with SCs generally, but they still started to piss off when there were so many SCs Ya right

But have you ever considered FBX here because it`s formula car like F1? I have driven that on AA OW License Attack server lately and it`s not too fast IMO. But maybe you know better Tongue

LRL Round 6 Details - Monaco / 25th July 2020
(6 posts, started )