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Racing games is repetitive & boring ?
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Racing games is repetitive & boring ?
I found this interesting reply comments from a guy on Youtube :

"I mean they're kind of like sports games no? Same repetitive shit with maybe a few new vehicles? Lol if you like em hey but I'm with yong on this one aha"

"lol well yes of course but especially so with racing. Like battlefield for example. Core gameplay is a fps right? But with every game comes new weapons, gear, vehicles etc, time periods that all can drastically change gameplay match per match. You can play a sniper sticking to stealth and long range engagements, more chaotic assult, stealth cqb, knife only, helicopter only, jet only, medic only reviving team without even using a gun etc. Different modes that change the gameplay to all out action or hardcore that forces you to play much slower paced and tactical. You switch to BR and suddenly its not about team with most kills or best coordination but about lasting as long as you can and surviving. You can play the same fps for years and have vastly different experiences every match. For most racing games the core gameplay is being as fast as possible right? That hardly opens up any room for sandbox style gameplay other than maybe what kind of car vehicle/parts and what kind of track/terrain right? What other changeable factors are there? Everyone is essential doing the same races the same way. Not hating just saying the core loop of racing games is alot more shallow than that of different genres. They are not bad games just extremely repetitive."

"will even then id have to disagree a little. With sports games the gameplay can drastically change depending on the kind of sport, what position of that sport, (offense is very different than defense in football the same way a goalie would be different than other hockey positions, striker very different than defender in soccer etc) the team you play on also makes a difference to how you play running different strategies or playbooks depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Injuries could happen that could cripple your season and force you to completely change tactics, etc the gameplay sandbox offers more variety from game to game season to season. Where as the main things with racing are track, weather conditions, car. Depending on the game maybe oncoming traffic or jumps if its arcade. For a game like forza You're essentially doing the same thing on the same maps memorizing the same turns, with different vehicles and weather or not its off road or not. The end of the day its all about the fastest time pretty much yea? You can play 100 matches online and they'll all pretty much be 9 or so vehicles all doing the same thing, driving the same way, all competing for the best time with who crashes or messes up each race being the primary thing changing and the choice of vehicle. With a football game one match i could slaughter a team easily, the next my recievers could be outmatched greatly changing my strategy to mainly running, my qb could be injured meaning ill have to play way more conservatively and avoid big plays he can't handle it also means my chances of messing up are higher and adds stress, the weather is messing with my accuracy and mobility changing how I want to play and get open. I can player lock to any position greatly changing my role and overall gameplay etc. Racing games just don't offer the same sandbox that other games do. There's nothing wrong with that at all and racing is cool for thoes who enjoy it but saying its not extremely repetitive is just silly."

"haha good sports games most definitely have a skill heights/ gaps and it can be very obvious and embarrassing when people with very different skill levels play. Go play any fight night, ufc, 2k, fifa, against the top ranks and see how quickly you get destroyed lol and most sports games most definitely have assists that can be turned off or are automatically off when online or harder difficulties. The new maddens are trash but play any decent one and the skill difference between vets and rookies are huge. Play calling, formations, the actual moves you can pull off, strategies etc. Vets would stomp you all day. To say there's no skill level In sports game is absurd. And what you people don't seem to understand is that the SANDBOX is much smaller in racing games than any other kind of games for the most part. Again not hating its just fact. 100 matches in a racing game will all end up being more repetitive than 100 matches in any other kind of game. Your racing thats it. 100 matches of who's the fastest. Different track, cars wheather but same shit.100 matches in sports games can vary by position played, roster, injuries, the teams, weather, etc. Playing receiver is nothing like playing qb, the same way sniping in an fps is vastly different from being in a tank or stealthing with a knife. With racing you're literally just racing. Again I'm not dissing it or saying that racing is bad its just the most repetitive gameplay loop their is. Its not insulting its just fact lol. Something you people don't seem to get. Chess offers more variety in matches than racing"

"bruh clearly you people in this thread are slow. Racing is repetitive. Which is what I said and all I said. 100 matches in a BR would statistically bring way more variety than 100 races. 100 matches in any other kind of game be it chess would have more variety than a racing game. That's what they are. There is nothing wrong with it at all its just fact. People are trying to defend them for not being repetitive when describing said repetition in their defense haha."

another guy who supports his opinion : "Racing games are boring"

What do you guys think about it ?
I wait for the movie I guess
Who cares about their opinions... Especially when they dont understand what racing is about.

I will rather watch bunch of cars going in circles for 24 hours than lets says a few minutes of FIFA gameplay.
Highlighting the Supercars ESeries iRacing thread, I'm not sure how this racing is boring....
Sure, I'd rather see the real thing but as that's impossible ATM this is a great distraction, keeps the sponsors getting coverage and is a bit of fun.

Quote from Racer X NZ :As a bit of fun going into this weeks races at Circuit of the Americas and Sebring I thought you may enjoy watching Scotty driving a Supercar the same way he does in the Supercars eSeries, and in winning the iRacing Indy 500, and (unofficially) winning the iRacing Indy series. Na-na

Unlike 'Merica we here Down-Under actually count points and have a leaderboard.

Enjoy Wednesdays races, Live link, Recorded link.


The classic Scotty interview. Omg omg omg

"For most racing games the core gameplay is being as fast as possible right?"

Is same to saying that in fps games the core gameplay is to be the best at moving around and clicking on hitboxes. It's very simplified, because it's obvious the guy is talking out of his arse.

Small protip, there's a lot of googling experts in youtube comments. It's better to just not give the attention they want.
omg. i wasn't aware sports and shooting games were so advanced now. i'm back into LFS after 10 years off, but in the interim it seems the sports and fps simulations now include:

1) football fields dry out on certain patches due to local drainage and footfall, and clumps of dirt build up next to where the boots slide
2) consumption of ammunition affects the overall weight and thus speed of travel as well as speed of aiming
3) fps players can lend their load-out to another player who hasn't qualified in rank to get those items yet
4) participants performance is reduced until they warm up, and tails off again if they get too hot
5) the sports players can have restrictions to their aspiration (probably some sort of face-mask), or add a weight penalty if server decides
6) the contact with the ground is customizable, with different compounds on footwear depending on the type of session and the play style of each player (and every stud is simulated individually)
7) they have to deal with games of 8 hours and more, with each player being substituted once or more, making strategy of the utmost importance
8) the sandbox style of these games allows for football players to change to a demolition style and take each other out, for a last man standing to then proceed to the line
9) sandbox also allows the football players to add new lines and objects on to the sports field, and play at bank heists with cops and robbers
10) wear and tear on the equipment progressively causes drop in performance and increased chance of failure during a match
11) sound has evolved from samples to every single footstep being fully modelled as to how it echoes around the environment

there must be no reason to play the real thing any more. the sports grounds will no doubt stay empty when lock-down ends, due to lack of customization options compared to these true sandboxes Smile
In the sense you're talking about it is saying that all games would be repetitive, either running around with a gun on different maps(sometimes only one map)which compares to racing which has different cars which all require a different style and skill of driving on multiple maps, every football game has the same objective but varying levels of opponents like fps games. The only games that would be different in most way's are ones like adventure games with puzzles to complete (tombraider ect)

fortnite is very repetitive and ends up boring as does battlefield which i have 1600+ hours played and the repetitive game play becomes a strength as you learn more but still can be boring

fifa and other football games i played a lot many many years ago but got boring

Racing games is repetitive & boring ?
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