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Brasil Gran Turismo
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Brasil Gran Turismo
I have come back to LFS (and online racing) during lockdown, after 9 or 10 years away. I've had 3 good nights of racing, without incident, enjoying new car and track combinations that I previously didn't have lots of experience of - like a new game!

Then I attempted to join Brasil Gran Turismo host. It would not let me join track (BL GP) until I had a 1:36 PB on LFSW. I didn't ever do hotlaps in the past, so I set one then was able to join.

From last place, I slowed and avoided contact on turn one, passing 3 cars who had spun. On the chicane, I was pushed to the right, and since I saw 2 others going between the 2nd chicane curb and the wall, I followed them. However, they hit each other and spun, and I slammed right into them (rather than swerve into cars on the tarmac I may add).

Imagine my horror when someone voted to ban me as I proceeded down the straight in last place! I stopped the car on the grass at the end of the straight, and managed to get in a 'Me?' and a 'Why?' and then I was kicked forever. I am flabbergasted, as I have never had this happen before.

I don't even know if they spoke English, but if anyone knows a way to contact this host, please let me know. I'm not sure if maybe they don't like people from UK or if they just don't like new people on their server? Or maybe they have a lot of lag and it looked different from their point of view (249ms ping to server - maybe racers in Brazil are still running on dial-up, meaning ping to the other racers could be another 200-300ms on top of my 249ms to the server?). Anyway, I was so shocked that I didn't have time to save a replay to review Frown
Hey there, and welcome back to LFS.

I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you. Unfortunately, when kick/bans are allowed on public servers people tend to misuse it quite often. I've seen people get kicked/banned without any reason, much less getting involved in an accident. However, kick/ban do need to be allowed in some instances where people can become a menace to those who are racing (especially if a moderator is not online at that given time...)

There are some moderated servers and those that are usually hosted in Europe, where you wouldn't have much ping related issues.

Don't loose sleep over it mate.


Brasil Gran Turismo
(2 posts, started )