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Armco Race-Track
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Armco Race-Track
Track day at Armco!

Lots of stuff going on around the pits before racing begins!

Inspired by japanese/european race tracks. The track itself is short and very wide. I was unsure of what type of car would be used so built a track that fit everything. From experience the less powerful cars are most fun trying to out-break opponents and lots of room for passing!

The pit area is full of life with people selling racing parts and even the tire and part shop located behind the pit area. Over the bridge is a viewing station and also a emergency tunnel to give emergency vehicles quick access to the track in the case of a crash.

The pit area is of full garages with high tech tuning and mechanics to help get your car solid.

Spectators on the slight chicane ready for some passing action and high speed!
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Thank you! Awesome map. Did a few modifications after the chicane to create more possible track configurations. Hosted a few events with these configurations and it was awesome!

Armco Race-Track
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