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AK09 - Custom Textures & Sound Files
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These are dope!
for textures & such things. you can find alot in this sticky thread.
some might be outdated. but as i see you can edit it. then perhaps ask authors if okay to do so. i came to notice you found some sparco wheel on city-driving´s site. but theres actually a ton here in lfs forums aswell.
jamesinthehouse steeringwheel thread and also unseen made some really good looking ones. find both threads here :
Quote from Abone are like me,diggin on forum. Smile
im thinking share my textures so i ask a friend for make a video about "my textures" because i'm busy,just no time...he make video but unfortunately after show some textures he show a mod so i cant post here.i have a link for you download, this is some textures i collected after buy for the first time S2 license, i think can be interesting for you. allready you have a document with proper credits for every texture,you can find "easy" on forum.



the pack you have posted is filled with Lynche´s files.
and others. saying .

so what exactly did you do ? just repack or did you edit?
because i also see mistakes made on some files like noise clutter on some files.
some of them even i have never seen before so i guess those you did make. or?
Audio sample for engine sounds
I found a free program that works well with my old pc to record my gameplay. FPS drops a smidge, but for my purposes it works great. Now you can get a preview of the engine sounds before you download.
(the idea being to save you some time sorting through my collection Thumbs up )

You can view the videos on my YouTube playlist via this link: ... Ya4vTjbrWl0pKuLVU4NM4_F6E

For the moment, I've only recorded the UF1 engine sounds (it will take some time to complete). I will update this post as I add more videos to the playlist.

Here's the software I used if anyone needs the link:

AK09 - Custom Textures & Sound Files
(55 posts, started )