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GT2 Challenge 2020: Media
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E: Share your own screenies, onboards, highlights here. Find the stream archive here too. who knows, maybe we'll ask to use one of your works on the NDR Facebook or so (with credit, of course!) -dekojester

Here are some screenshots I've already edited.
Round 1 Livestream Replay:

I did some screens as well.
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NDR GT2 Challenge Poster Template
Attached below is a PSD overlay template containing the elements of the driver info, GT2 logo and the assiociated.
All you need to do is snap a good shot, edit (if you want) and drag it into the Bottom most layer. Then edit your Driver & Team.

Remember to change to your car type - FZR-GT, XRR-GT or FXR-GT.

Enjoy, and hope to see your screenies!

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NDR GT2 Poster Template.psd - 8.3 MB - 195 views
intergalatic space shuttle

#6 - RLeb
Here is something a little bit different.
Here are the full, row-by-row starting grids for the Aston and Kyoto rounds Smile

Always nice to see a nice summary of all the drivers, and the nice paint schemes!

Aston :

Kyoto :

Niko always together Heart
#8 - CV95
Starting grid of Round 4.

GT2 Challenge 2020: Media
(8 posts, started )