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Announcing: GT2 Challenge by New Dimension Racing!
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Announcing: GT2 Challenge by New Dimension Racing!

New Dimension Racing make its return to league racing in Live for Speed with a short GT2 Challenge series! Don't worry, this won't be the only thing we're working on, this is just a welcome back and an appetite whetting! Come knock off the cobwebs with us!

The series will use GT2 cars, with a short four meeting campaign. This is a brand new property to New Dimension Racing, so one driver will be the first GT2 Challenge Champion!

Full details available within the next 24 hours, but some highlights:

- Races scheduled to be approximately 75 minutes in duration - can you make the distance or will you need to pit?

- Safety Cars will be in use. We'll also begin using Virtual Safety Cars - keep your speed under a designated speed and we'll get the situation cleared and get you back to racing as soon as possible!

- If no more than 38 cars per class are entered, no pre-qualifying system will be used. All entrants will be allowed to attempt qualifying. If we have more than 38, the fastest will get to race round 1, and the top 10 in points following will get to breeze into qualifying, and the rest get to pre-qualify for the remaining 28 spots.

Every race will be broadcasted live by Sim Broadcasts:

Entries are driver-based, Signup Here!

We hope you join us!

The Schedule

The Rules

Announcing: GT2 Challenge by New Dimension Racing!
(1 post, started )