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Westhill Stage Rally (WSR)
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#1 - W340
Westhill Stage Rally (WSR)
Westhill Stage Rally.

This is a layout of an integrated set of rally stages throughout the Westhill circuit and surrounding area.

It is intended for rally organisers to easily select and use stages for a rally event. With thanks to McGherkin's layout (and various others) on which this is inspired and was started from.

A "super special stage" parallel event for two cars head-to-head (with bridge cross-overs).

An open configuration, which can be tailored, or used as is, for specific stages.

The possibility to use the same start/finish area for an entire event.

A large pits area, split into two zones enabling access to and from the start/finish line.

A map of the overall layout to enable choice of route.

A notation to describe each route.

Route notation and examples:
The various routes have the following labels (with abbreviations in brackets):
orange (o), blue (b), red (r), green (g) and yellow (y). The original circuit is labelled c.

Alternatives that branch off these main routes are labelled with an additional number. For example, the red route has an alternative labelled as r2 (see map).

The map defines the direction of the route with chevrons drawn on each line.

The routes can also be driven in reverse direction, and a "-" is used to denote this. For example, -o refers to the orange route in reverse direction.


the entire orange route over the finish line.

the entire orange route, then the entire blue route, then over the finish. (Note that the orange route changes into the blue route over the finish line, so 2 laps are needed to complete the route "ob".)

start on the blue route, turn onto b4, turn onto yellow reverse, turn onto green 3, onto blue, then over the finish line.

Note: to start on the blue route, it is possible to start on the orange route and immediately turn onto the blue route via o2. This saves the need to edit the start position. The proper notation for this route if starting from orange is therefore: o2bb4-yg3b

start on the blue route, turn onto b3, then merge onto b2, then turn off onto orange reverse, then turn off onto red reverse, then merge onto blue reverse, then merge onto green reverse, then turn off onto g3, then merge onto blue, then over the finish line.

start on the orange route, use alternative o5 and merge back onto orange, then take o7 and merge back onto orange, then turn off to the white route, then over the finish line.

Note: a route needs to finish over the correct direction of the finish line (not in reverse direction). Unless the layout is edited to allow this. A car also needs to go over the first split time line, which is just before the finish line, in order to register a finish time.

Some example configurations and events:

1. Parallel "super special stage":

car 1: ob
car 2: bo

A race for 2 laps needs to be set because these routes involve crossing the finishing line twice to complete.

2. There and back again:

A route can also reuse a previous part in the opposite direction, as in:

3. Standard rally stage:

A route that does not have any loops or reuse a used part of a route, for example:

This type of stage can be used when starting cars at intervals (for example, a 30 second spacing between each car) because the route is always "new". Note that it uses the original circuit between the yellow route and g3.

An example event could be the following two standard rally stages with a service stop in between each stage:

lap 0 to 1: stage 1 (brr4o-b8bgg2g-y3-y2ycg3b)
lap 1 to 2: pit area (go from finish via o4-c or o3-b-oo11 etc)
lap 2 to 3: stage 2 (bgg7ow)
return to pit area.

Hence, three laps should be set. The cars could be started on intervals of 30 seconds, and once each car completes the stage, it could wait in a holding area after the finish line (holding areas are located off b3 and o4) or proceed to the pit area.

A time could be set for each car to start stage 2 (with penalties applied if they start early or late etc.) A time limit could be chosen for the cars to repair and refuel before waiting to go to the start line. The competitor should start themselves at the correct time (by watching the time) and ensure that they do not start early etc.

The competitor then does stage 2, and then returns to the pit area after finishing. The aggregate times for stages 1 and 2 are used to determine the finishing positions of the cars.

What is not included:
Pace notes for each route. The routes will need to be learnt or a co-driver is needed. An ideal extension would be a pace note program that reads the pace notes at the correct time. This could also be dynamic where the driver does not know the route and the program chooses the route (the open configuration of the layout allows this).

Happy rallying!
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#2 - W340
Westhill Stage Rally (WSR) replays
Here are two replays to demonstrate a couple of fun stages.

The first is called Sliders:

It's great if you like handbrake turns.

The second is called Shotgun:

It has fast sections into some very tight corners.

Both are quite short stages with very different styles that take about the same time to finish.

EDIT: Attached is the general layout that has been tailored to the Sliders and Shotgun stages (it contains barriers that block off other routes that are not used). It should be a little easier to follow, and it also shows an example of how to edit the general layout to make it specific for a couple of stages.
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WHR_map_o3b2-o-b9b sliders.gif
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#3 - W340
#4 - W340
If you can beat the times, then good luck to you - and upload the replay!
I know this is older but I’ll try tonight!
#6 - W340
WSR new version
A new version of the rally layout with some addition routes to explore.
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Westhill Stage Rally (WSR)
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