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Vr Valve Index setup and tweakings
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Vr Valve Index setup and tweakings
I have just setup a Valve Index and drove 3 laps.
That is insane! I am impressed.

Anyway I am feeling lfs is capping it at 90fps. The index is 120Hz capable. What to do to set it at 100Hz? Currently I think it is sad as it was my buying trigger.

The menu are usually workable but sometimes tricky. May be a support for the valve/vive controller would be a plus to select by moving hand and not the head. I need more time to evaluate to be honest.

As a side note latest Nvidia driver plus msi laptop are currently crashing after 10 to 20s... I had to revert an older driver. Problem with sound are expected with these driver. It is a shame. This is not lfs related.
I have played more and at the end I have found how to set it a 120Hz... But there is no 100Hz preset.
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IIRC 100Hz was never in technical specs of that display... which is kinda unlucky coincidence... still makes me wonder, if that HW is simply incapable to do it, or it's just missing thing in settings, or it was political decision to omit it... who knows..
I really believe it is a software issue. There are ways to setup the vr differently but I failed miserably.
To run at 90Hz I have cheaper option. Resolution is great though.
Rb4 interior is damn ugly. Can't wait for the big update!
Thanks for the Valve Index feedback. I also have heard from a few other people that it was working fine. I guess you are using the test patch as I see you posted there.

I understand there is the frame rate mismatch. I'm interested to know if you think LFS looks better at 120Hz than at 90Hz.

My understanding is this:

90Hz: there is a 1/100th sec glitch forward every 1/10th of a second (a physics frame is missed 10 times per second).

120Hz: there is a tiny pause every 1/20th of a second (the same physics frame is drawn twice, 20 times per second).

I think these two cases would have a different appearance. Someone said that 120Hz looked better.
Well the global experience is very impressive in 90Hz. No dizziness whatsoever (but I am not prone to it). I can play long session. I can run "fast" (Compared to me which is not impressive) the feeling is so great sideways (I had some quick pb on rallycross blackwood) ! Looking in the cockpit is awesome except in old stuff like Rb4 where it is horrible. I mean you really notice the radio texture...
Pixels can be noticed although it feels like no big deal. Looking far away or at the apex is smooth enough. There are some texture like wall or fence that don't feel right with some moiré. No screen door effect.
On the bad side I can't run it with the latest Nvidia drivers as there is some snafu with msi laptops. I tried to play 120Hz but could not.
As I don't have time to mess around too much, I well send it back, and wait. I might take it again later or take a cheaper 90Hz or wait more.

Edit: valve support told me that 100Hz is a hardware issue. I can't verify that but that could be true.

Vr Valve Index setup and tweakings
(6 posts, started )