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Sodi W Series
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Sodi W Series
Hey there!

I recently started to take part in organized races at gokart tracks running Sodi karts. They are part of this series: Got lucky few times and scored some podiums in my group.

Anyone else here participating?

Got any tips on how to handle these karts and be faster?

Discuss! Smile
Attended one such event last year (1h race of 2-driver teams) at KartPlanet (you surely know that place Wink ) - we got a bad kart for the race and finished rather low (11/13).
Did not attend any other event since then, but I intended to come back.
Thanks for the tip, I should try that somedaySmile
Cool, post your progress. Smile Season is coming to an end unfortunately, but at least over here we have some 15 and 50 minute races left.

Michal you can come over to Brno and race here. Tongue

Sodi W Series
(4 posts, started )