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arcade pedals
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arcade pedals
Well here is my pedals for my arcade build. The are off of a sega turbo outrun cabinet. I wired these into my drift oz wheel and they work great. Just need to mount them into my cabinet an I'll be good to go.
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nice, how's the wheel? looking at it, the base is 90 percent identical with my R440.
also, this belongs to the hardware subforum Smile
Thanks for moving it. The wheel is not the best. It is centered by springs and the "force feedback" is just 2 vibrating motors but I am just using the guts anyways. The wheel I'm going to use is the optical one that came with the original sega turbo cabinet and a minipac. I need the board in the wheel to run the pedals. It will be a vintage arcade that can play any windows racing game that alows a mouse to steer and pedals.
It has a long way to go but this is what it will look like. I installed my pedals and next I'll install the shifter. Eventaly that ugly monitor will go and I'll either put in a ctr hdmi t.v. behind plexie glass to give it an arcade look or just put in a flat screen.
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Thanks I'll try that.
I know its been over a year since I posted this but I'm finally getting around to working on it since my son is a year old now. I have a question about the ignition. Is there a way to set it to were its on only when the button is pushed and when you let off it dies. The reason I ask is because I installed a key on off switch. I would like for the ignition to come on when I turn the key on then die when I turn the key off.
That might be possible with an autohotkey script
I guess I have some learning to do Smile
Its been awhile but its in the house now. The monitor is almost in. The image is stretched and the resolution is not the best but it works. It actually looks better in person.
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looking good, great project and something i would love to have done Smile
Thank you. I mostly play Sega outrun on it. But live for speed is fun too.

arcade pedals
(13 posts, started )