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Information - [RDSR] Head2Head
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Information - [RDSR] Head2Head

Race Of Champions - [RDSR] Head2Head

[RDSR] Head2Head will take place 1st of June 2019 7:00 pm UTC time

Server: Team [RDSR] - If this link doesn't work, copy the name of the server and paste it in Multiplayer > Join specific host > Host name
Password: To be sent to registrants 15-20 minutes before start

Event Details

Cars used:

RB4 - LX4

Cars will be selected by the following:

The event will be over 3 rounds, Semi-final & Final. 1st round will be RB4, 2nd round LX4, 3rd round RB4, semi-final LX4 & for the last round, RB4.


This event can take up-to 32 players.

The structure will be like a tournament, explained below:

First round we will have 32 players in competition, in 16 group. The winner of each group makes it to the next round. The second round will have 16 players playing of 8 groups, winner of each group will make it to the last round before semi-finals. The last round will have 8 players playing in 4 groups, only 4 players will make it to semi finals. Before finals, 4 players play in 2 groups, where we will have to winners making it two the final.

Entry fees:

Paid in [TC] CityDriving servers
2,000€ [TC] insim money to username: yazan0alothman

Reference/Remarks/Usage: [RDSR] Head2Head

Here is an example:

Donations are welcome! All the donations will add to the prize pool to make the prize bigger.


The event is meant to replicate Race Of Champions idea of racing, where they have two tracks, 1 on the right side of the map, and one on the left side with a cross-over in the middle of them.
The car that starts on the right side, makes a lap then crosses to make a lap in the left side track. Where the car that starts on the left does the opposite..

Don't worry! One of the tracks is bigger than the other, so one car will take longer to cross than the other one - no possible collision.

It is 2 laps in total, one on each track to the finish line. Below is a preview video on how the race will be and the layout look.

Prize time!

Expecting 32 players, the prize pool will be around 64,000€ insim money + Donations.
Prize pool amount will be sent to the winner of the Final, totally, after the event has ended.

Live prize pool: 0€ (LIVE COUNT IN [TC] FORUM)

Names and Tags:

Racing number. Name
For example: 47. Sky

Used racing numbers cant be selected. List of registrants is on >>registration thread<<


-Please ensure that you read all of the information above thoroughly to help ensure the event goes smoothly on the evening.

-Upon start of the event, names will be randomly called out to join the race, failure to respond twice, disqualified.

-DO NOT ask about when is your turn, be patient.

-DO NOT join the track if not told to do so.

-[TC] Chat rules apply. DO NOT send meaningless messages. During a race DO NOT send anything. Language spoken is English at all times. Spammers will be removed, listen and follow the instructions given to make the event drama free.

-Strictly no .VOB mods, cheats, hacks or exploits of any kind are allowed within the server.

-You're free to use any skin as long as it doesn't contain anything offensive.

-Failure to turn up on time could result to disqualification.

-Leaving track limits means you are disqualified from the race and you will be asked to spectate. However, it is nearly impossible due to the layout shape.

-If you are flipped by the layout trap ramps, then you have lost. DO NOT ask for a reset or restart, resetting is turned off. The other car will instantly be handed the win

Click here for registration thread

Click here for discussion thread

Information - [RDSR] Head2Head
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