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Raw Screenshots Thread.
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I've been testing a new shaders... more pictures soon.

Hey Evolution_R,

Nice to see other people experimenting with shaders! Smile

Quote from Evolution_R :
ret.rgb = diffuse_lighting * In.VCol * texture_col.rgb * 2.5f;
float3 env_dir = e_env - 2.01f;
float env_map_mul = reflectivity_mul * saturate(env_dir.z * 120000000.0f) * 20.0f;

The added reflection coefficient might add some "pop" effect, but it make things emit more light in reflection than the actual frame (like in your latest screenshot), which is not physically correct. Reflection don't "pop" in LFS mainly because it's missing HDR rendering, so the sky and direct lighting are not in a correct luminance range.

BTW, the "120000000.0f" multiplier isn't really necessary, it will just create a sharp line around the car where reflection goes from OFF to ON.
The goal is to have a nice gradient to fade out reflection on the bottom half of the car, as they are not rendered.

If you want more reflection, even if they're not correct, you can remove the "saturate(env_dir.z * 120000000.0f)". This way you'll also have reflection on the bottom half of the car (it will be the same as the top half reflection, but mirrored).
Thank you for sharing this information. Smile

The main problem is that i have to disable the sky and almost blackout the sky dds texture so i can boost the dynamic reflections. I failed to find a way (inside the shaders) to leave the sky enabled with its default texture, but somehow lower the brightness of it, while keeping the dynamic reflections brighter - is that even possible?

I'm not using "env_dir.z * 120000000.0f" anymore, instead:

float4 envmap_col = tex2D(s_T2, env_dir.xy * float2(0.55f, 0.5f) + float2(0.5f, 0.5f));
float env_map_mul = reflectivity_mul * saturate(env_dir.z + 0.4f) * 19.0f;

- but probably it is best to leave it to "saturate(env_dir.z * 2.0f) * 19.0f;"

Accidentally captured screenshot while making a new video. Big grin

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git gut
Couple of raw screenshots of my BMW. Big grin

Dear god...
testing reshade

Nice reflections on the ground! ^^ Reshade's Reflective Bump Mapping?
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Wallpaper time

use antialiasing next time noob

Raw Screenshots Thread.
(3240 posts, started )