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Gamepad settings
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#1 - Sweay
Gamepad settings
Hi, as i cant afford a wheel right now, im playing with a gamepad. Ive tried many settings but with all of them, i have problems doing small correction on the steering, can anyone share their gamepad settings please?
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I used a playstation 3 gamepad for 7 years but its all down to personal preference.

I used 0.79 wheel turn compensation + ffb(or vibrate in this case) set to 0 and analogue steer smooth set to 0.70 which does take some getting used to.
I managed 1.12s with FBM on the older Blackwood with these settings
#3 - Sweay
Thanks for your answer, ill test these settings later on
Personally I think you're better off with mouse steering if you don't have a wheel. You get less throttle control but better steering control.

I feel currently the gamepad is a bit under supported. It would be nice with a stabilized option for it just like there is for the keyboard.
#5 - Sweay
Ive been using mouse steering but i need a bettter throttle/brake controll and so far, i haven't found a good value apart from the default one that ive modified and dont remember now

Gamepad settings
(5 posts, started )